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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Appendix 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The substance produced by the breakdown of adrenaline mimics the effect of what psychological disorder?
(a) Post-traumatic stress disorder.
(b) Attention deficit disorder.
(c) Schizophrenia.
(d) Multiple personality disorder.

2. What were the two primary uses of the science of "pyrotechny," according to the author?
(a) Weaponry and fireworks.
(b) Religious ceremony and weaponry.
(c) Fireworks and stage lighting.
(d) Stage lighting and religious ceremony.

3. What was the subject of the Delacroix painting the author mentions in Appendix 5?
(a) The corner of a room.
(b) A small girl in a blue dress.
(c) A close-up of bark, leaves and flowers.
(d) A mountainous landscape.

4. What is the subject of most of La Tour's paintings?
(a) Women performing daily tasks.
(b) Still-life images of fruit and flowers.
(c) Landscapes and nature.
(d) An object seen by the light of a single candle.

5. According to the author in Appendix 2, how would "proponents of a 'Nothing-But' philosophy" interpret mystical experiences?
(a) As an inexplicable glimpse into the Mind-At-Large.
(b) As a profoundly religious experience, independent from chemical changes.
(c) The result of mental illness.
(d) As simply the results of chemical changes in the brain.

Short Answer Questions

1. The first painter mentioned in Appendix IV was the appointed artist to the king of what nation?

2. What does the author say La Tour paints, at the end of Appendix 4?

3. What topic does the author explore in Appendix 2?

4. According to the author, what did one subject see while under the effects of mescalin and the second technique described in Appendix 1?

5. What was the subject of most of Vuillard's paintings?

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