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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 14-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When will the group Ten for Aristology have a dinner prepared by Fritz Brenner?
(a) January 18.
(b) January 9.
(c) January 21.
(d) January 14.

2. On Wednesday evening before the dinner, who sleeps in Goodwin's room?
(a) Kirby.
(b) Panzer.
(c) Jarvis.
(d) Durkin and Cather.

3. Where is Cramer's office located?
(a) E. 15th St.
(b) E. 10th St.
(c) W. 20th St.
(d) W. 19th St.

4. On what avenue does Goodwin catch a taxi on Friday morning?
(a) Tremont Ave.
(b) Amsterdam Ave.
(c) Park Ave.
(d) Lexington Ave.

5. How old is David Althaus?
(a) 71.
(b) 65.
(c) 60.
(d) 68.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much does Goodwin believe that Mrs. Bruner's fur coat might have cost?

2. What time did Mrs. Bruner arrive at Wolfe's?

3. How many letters did Mrs. Bruner receive thanking her for sending the book The FBI Nobody Knows?

4. Who does Goodwin call to check on the license plate number of the car that is following Mrs. Bruner?

5. In Chapter 11, what will be served for lunch on Wednesday?

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