The Doorbell Rang Character Descriptions

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Nero Wolfe

This character is an eccentric, but brilliant New York detective who enjoys gourmet food, exotic orchids, beer, and books.

Archie Goodwin

This character is a top-notch detective who investigates when legs and muscles are required, and this character gets emotionally involved in cases.

Rachel (Mrs. Lloyd) Bruner

This character is a wealthy widow.

Lon Cohen

This character is the editor of the New York Gazette.

Fritz Brenner

This character is a live-in chef.

Sarah Dacos

This character is a beautiful secretary who lives in the Village.

Adrian Evers

This character is being investigated by the FBI and is afraid to talk with anyone about illegal FBI activities.

Dr. Vollmer

This character is a physician.

Inspector Cramer

This character is the head of the police Homicide department.

Morris Althaus

This character was writing an article exposing FBI wrongdoings when he was murdered.

Special Agent Richard Wragg


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