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Chapter 1

• Mrs. Rachel Bruner sent a book criticizing the FBI to 10,000 important people.

• Now the FBI is investigating her and she wants it to stop.

• She offers eccentric New York detective Nero Wolfe a $100,000 retainer to stop the FBI from harassing her and her family.

• Wolfe agrees to consider the matter and let her know the next day whether he will take the case.
• Archie Goodwin, Wolfe's assistant, escorts Mrs. Bruner to her chauffeured car and discovers that she is indeed being tailed.

• Goodwin jots down the license plate number and calls a city employee who says it may take an hour to trace the plate number.

• Wolfe requests that Goodwin invite Lon Cohen to dinner.

Chapter 2

• During dinner Goodwin discovers that the car tailing Mrs. Bruner was FBI.

• After dinner around nine o'clock, Wolfe, Cohen, and Goodwin head to the office for coffee and brandy.

• Cohen knows...

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