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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What friend of Dunworthy's dies in the epidemic?
(a) Basingame.
(b) Andrew.
(c) Finch.
(d) Mary Ahrens.

2. What does Kivrin think what will happen to the missing person?
(a) Either the person will find the plague or will introduce the plague.
(b) The person will be burned at the stake for spreading the illness.
(c) The person may avoid contracting the plague.
(d) Kivrin has no opinion.

3. What does Badri say he should have done when he realized the date was wrong for Kivrin's jump?
(a) Called Andrew for help.
(b) Kept himself conscious for a little longer.
(c) Reopened the net immediately.
(d) He thinks there is nothing else he could have done.

4. When Kirvin had read the document about the last rites when she was in her own time, what did she think at that time about the document?
(a) She does not remember reading any such document.
(b) That the church was at least a little flexible.
(c) That it was insane to worry about last rites.
(d) That it was frivolous.

5. What does Agnes want with Kirvin when she calls for Kirvin?
(a) To tell her that Rosemund has hurt herself.
(b) To ask her when her father will return.
(c) To tell her a secret about her new puppy.
(d) To say that she is hot.

6. What does Kirvin think the church must have felt now from her perspective in this time?
(a) Powerless.
(b) Mystified as to why God would do something like bring on this plague.
(c) They were desperate.
(d) Angry.

7. What does Dunworthy have the bell ringers do as they practice in his office?
(a) Watch Colin.
(b) Answer the phone.
(c) Cook a meal for those working on the epidemic.
(d) Talk to the press.

8. What does Dunworthy discover about the lab where the net is?
(a) It has been ransacked.
(b) Its power systems are irrepairable.
(c) He has been locked out.
(d) It has been turned into a makeshift infirmary.

9. What does Dunworthy realize is as Badri is talking?
(a) That the solution is in moving back to the day Kivrin departs.
(b) That Badri made a critical error when dialing the coordinates for Kivrin.
(c) Nothing that he can put his finger on.
(d) That Badri has a backup.

10. Who does Rosemund trust about the marriage?
(a) No one.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Her father.

11. What does Kivrin realize about the clerk that the Bishop's envoy leaves behind?
(a) He is not completely Caucasian.
(b) He has signs of the plague.
(c) He is the nicest of the envoy.
(d) He is lewd beyond belief.

12. Why do the bells stop tolling?
(a) The bell rope broke.
(b) The Bishop orders them to stop.
(c) The clapper broke.
(d) The plague is spent.

13. What does the note say from the young boy?
(a) That Kirvin must leave immediately and go to a nunnery.
(b) That the town several miles away is full of plague victims.
(c) The bishop says anyone can confess to anyone else if a priest is not available.
(d) That Gawyn is dead.

14. What is Eliwys concerned about?
(a) That Gawyn has not returned.
(b) That both dogs have died.
(c) That Rosemund is too young for marriage.
(d) That there are bells tolling in the distance.

15. What does Kirvin list in her Doomsday Book?
(a) The names of the plague victims.
(b) The treatments she tries to help the ill.
(c) The symtoms of the plague.
(d) The prayers that Father Roche says over the ill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Imeyne blame for the scourge?

2. Why is Latimer unresponsive?

3. About what is Colin excited?

4. What helps Agnes' knee?

5. What does Kivrin make Fr. Roche do as he comes to give the clerk last rites?

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