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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Eliwys not go to the burial of one of her daughters?
(a) She feels too ill.
(b) She will no say why.
(c) She no longer believes in God.
(d) She say she has to stay with the other daughter who is sick.

2. Why does Kirvin want Gawyn to return as soon as possible?
(a) So he can take charge.
(b) So he can start digging graves.
(c) To get to the drop so Kirvin can get medicine and then return.
(d) So Elwys can be happy in the little bit of time she has left.

3. What does Gilchrist have no intention of doing?
(a) Opening the net to pick up Kivrin.
(b) Asking permission to open the net; he'll just do it.
(c) Leaving Kivrin stranded.
(d) Listening to Dunworthy.

4. What is Eliwys concerned about?
(a) That Rosemund is too young for marriage.
(b) That both dogs have died.
(c) That there are bells tolling in the distance.
(d) That Gawyn has not returned.

5. What helps Agnes' knee?
(a) Prayer.
(b) Exorcism.
(c) Old wine.
(d) Antibiotics.

6. Whose signature does Dunworthy forge on a note to get into the lab?
(a) No one.
(b) Montoya.
(c) Gilchrist.
(d) Basingame.

7. How is Agnes faring?
(a) She has no sign of the plague.
(b) She is quite ill but seems likely to survive.
(c) She is better.
(d) She is getting worse.

8. What does Badri say he should have done when he realized the date was wrong for Kivrin's jump?
(a) Reopened the net immediately.
(b) Kept himself conscious for a little longer.
(c) Called Andrew for help.
(d) He thinks there is nothing else he could have done.

9. What does Mary realize when Montoya is brought in to the hospital with the virus?
(a) That the virus has mutated though Montoya has the original strain.
(b) That Montoya has a different virus.
(c) That the common factor is the work on the knight's tomb at the dig.
(d) That she is the only one who is sick who was working on the dig.

10. Why is Latimer unresponsive?
(a) He is still ill from the virus.
(b) He is angry that no one is going for Kivrin.
(c) He has a stroke while ill.
(d) He is dead.

11. What does Kivrin make Fr. Roche do as he comes to give the clerk last rites?
(a) Burn his clothes when he leaves.
(b) Stay away from the clerk's face.
(c) Wash his hands.
(d) Wear a mask.

12. What does Badri tell Dundworthy about Kivrin's drop?
(a) That she was dropped in 1348 instead of 1320.
(b) That she was dropped in France instead of England.
(c) That her transponder did not start working immediately as it should.
(d) That she was dropped in Wales instead of England.

13. What day is it at the opening of Chapter 17?
(a) Colin's birthday.
(b) Christmas.
(c) Thanksgiving.
(d) New Years.

14. What has Mary charged Colin to do?
(a) Call him mother and report that he's fine.
(b) Make sure Dunworthy gets a booster shot.
(c) Answer phones at the reception desk.
(d) Help Badri with the computer work.

15. What does Gawyn say about taking Kivrin to where he found her?
(a) That his wife won't let him take her.
(b) That he will take her the next day.
(c) That she should stop asking him.
(d) That he already brought all her things.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Rosemund trust about the marriage?

2. What bells are tolling?

3. Who does Kivrin hope has died?

4. What does Colin tell Dunworthy?

5. What is Dunworthy horrified about?

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