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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Eliwys not go to the burial of one of her daughters?
(a) She will no say why.
(b) She feels too ill.
(c) She no longer believes in God.
(d) She say she has to stay with the other daughter who is sick.

2. Whose signature does Dunworthy forge on a note to get into the lab?
(a) Montoya.
(b) Gilchrist.
(c) No one.
(d) Basingame.

3. What does Badri say he should have done when he realized the date was wrong for Kivrin's jump?
(a) Called Andrew for help.
(b) Kept himself conscious for a little longer.
(c) Reopened the net immediately.
(d) He thinks there is nothing else he could have done.

4. How is Agnes faring?
(a) She is better.
(b) She has no sign of the plague.
(c) She is getting worse.
(d) She is quite ill but seems likely to survive.

5. Who does Kivrin hope has died?
(a) Sir Bloet.
(b) No one.
(c) Gawyn for not helping her.
(d) The envoy who brings the plague to the village.

6. What does Kivron notice about a visiting priest?
(a) That he is very well read.
(b) That he slips his hand down Maisry's bodice.
(c) That he has an inner light to him.
(d) That he is extremely fat for that day and age.

7. Who is filling in for one of the bell ringers?
(a) Mary.
(b) Colin.
(c) Finch.
(d) Andrew.

8. What does Dunworthy discover about the lab where the net is?
(a) He has been locked out.
(b) It has been ransacked.
(c) Its power systems are irrepairable.
(d) It has been turned into a makeshift infirmary.

9. What does Kivrin make Fr. Roche do as he comes to give the clerk last rites?
(a) Burn his clothes when he leaves.
(b) Stay away from the clerk's face.
(c) Wear a mask.
(d) Wash his hands.

10. What does Kivrin realize about the clerk that the Bishop's envoy leaves behind?
(a) He is the nicest of the envoy.
(b) He is lewd beyond belief.
(c) He is not completely Caucasian.
(d) He has signs of the plague.

11. Who refuses last rites from Roche?
(a) Imeyne.
(b) Gawyn.
(c) Eliwys.
(d) The clerk.

12. What does the public believe about time travel?
(a) That it can mess up the present.
(b) That it is responsible for the current epidemic.
(c) That access to it is unfairly given.
(d) That the technology is not advanced yet to send a human through.

13. What does Dunworthy do after seeing the state of the lab?
(a) Gets on the phone and rages at Basingame.
(b) Collapses.
(c) Calls campus security.
(d) Goes back to his office and cries.

14. When does Agnes die?
(a) Christmas day.
(b) The day after New Year's day.
(c) She doesn't die.
(d) New Year's eve.

15. What does Agnes want with Kirvin when she calls for Kirvin?
(a) To tell her a secret about her new puppy.
(b) To tell her that Rosemund has hurt herself.
(c) To ask her when her father will return.
(d) To say that she is hot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the bells stop tolling?

2. Why has Fr. Roche consecrated part of the green?

3. What does Mary urge Dunworthy to do when he is angry?

4. What is going on non-stop?

5. Who interrupts the conversation between Gawyn and Kivrin about going to the drop site?

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