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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What helps William agree to run errands for Dunworthy?
(a) Dunworthy offers him extra credit in class.
(b) Dunworthy flatters him.
(c) William does not agree.
(d) Dunworthy threatens him.

2. What does Badri say about the problem on the way to the lab?
(a) That Kivrin will be arriving back in the lab in a few minutes.
(b) That the net has developed a black hole.
(c) Nothing.
(d) That Kivrin is irretrievable.

3. What does Kivrin immediately know when she wakes?
(a) That she is in the wrong location.
(b) That she has hit the time and location perfectly.
(c) That she has been transported through time.
(d) That she is in the wrong time.

4. What does Kivrin worry about concerning Agnes and Rosemund?
(a) They will not accept her staying there.
(b) Catching what Kivrin just had.
(c) They will tell the priest about her.
(d) They will go through her things.

5. What is wrong with Kivrin?
(a) She is lost in the woods.
(b) She cannot get the transponder to work.
(c) She has delirium because of a high fever.
(d) She cannot seem to make her recorder work.

6. What does Kivrin not care if her fingernails are chipped and hands dirty?
(a) It will fit in to the time period.
(b) She is a bit of a sloppy woman.
(c) She is engrossed in her project.
(d) She has a manicure scheduled for the next morning.

7. What is Badri supposed to do?
(a) Watch Kivrin on the video screen.
(b) Monitor Kivrin's vital signs.
(c) Get a fix on Kivrin's location.
(d) Wait in the lab for Kivrin's return signal.

8. What does a medic ask of Dunworthy's group?
(a) If anyone who is not in that town has called to report being ill.
(b) If they will be medical guinea pigs.
(c) If Kivrin could be ground zero patient.
(d) If the virus could have come through the net.

9. What does Badri ask when he is lucid for a moment?
(a) If he can go back to the lab yet.
(b) If Kivrin is back.
(c) If everyone else has died.
(d) Where his mother is.

10. How does Kivrin activate the recorder she has?
(a) By pushing on a spot on her ear.
(b) It is voice activated.
(c) By stomping on her left heel.
(d) By holding her hands together as if in prayer.

11. Who does Dunworthy visit?
(a) Kivrin.
(b) Mary.
(c) William.
(d) Badri.

12. What is Kivrin wearing?
(a) A simple peasnt froke.
(b) Gold jewelry she can sell if she needs to.
(c) A watch with a computer.
(d) An embedded interpreter.

13. Why does Kivrin hide a box?
(a) She is afraid someone would find her with it and think she was a witch.
(b) To use it later to locate the drop site.
(c) To have it for all her equipment later.
(d) She is afraid of brigands.

14. Back at Oxford, what is evident about Badri?
(a) He is very ill.
(b) He has a new virus never seen before.
(c) He will be well shortly.
(d) He may never regain consciousness.

15. What does the Doomsday book record?
(a) A translation of a Latin prayer.
(b) The type of symptoms Kivrin is having.
(c) Nothing because Kivrin forgets she has it.
(d) The priest's name.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kivrin try to do with the wagon?

2. What makes Dunworthy realize the epidemic is very serious?

3. What is the student's mother who arrives certain of?

4. Where is Kivrin?

5. Who walks in while Dunworthy is talking about the epidemic?

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