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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the generator taken away from the club?

2. What does Norman do to make up for the problem with the tarpaulin?

3. What other good fortune does Norman credit to Hippolyte?

4. Since Hippolyte does such a good job on everything else, what does Norman ask him to do?

5. What is Iris and Norman's last stop as they do the island night life?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Church Wagner disappear right before the Tilson party?

2. What is so important about the invitation Norman receives from Bunny Campbell?

3. When Norman awoke with a hangover in the morning after the champagne party, what news does he receive from Sheila that makes things worse?

4. What is the difficulty Norman is having with Miss Buckley at the Immigrations Office in Chapter 9?

5. How do the guests seem to accept the free champagne party to make up for the water problems?

6. What happens when Sheldon goes diving with the IUD unit?

7. What does Norman do after the crisis is over, Hippolyte is captured, Lester is unhurt, and Iris's dog is taken to the vet for the cut from Hippolyte's machete?

8. What is the loud noise that stops Iris and Norman as they are making up the rooms?

9. What does Sheila finally do after the disaster with the cistern?

10. What seems to bother Norman despite the fact that Hippolyte has everything fixed and running smoothly at the club?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Iris calls Norman "Joe Hill" several times in the story. Who is Joe Hill, and what similarities do he and Norman have? What are the differences between Joe Hill and Norman?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Lester Atlas call himself a "Truth Teller?" Does he tell the truth? Is he the only one who sees himself this way? Does this work to his advantage or not? Give examples from the text to support your responses.

Essay Topic 3

The natural progression of a novel is a series of events and interactions between characters that helps to move the story from point A to point B, and on to the end of the novel. An example of this is that the water problem moves the story to the cistern problem, which then moves the story to needing someone to do the repair work. With that in mind, what purpose did the killing of Hassim serve in the book? Give examples from the text to support your responses.

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