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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question does Iris ask Norman over dinner at Hogan's Fancy?
(a) "Would you like to run away with me?"
(b) "How old are you, Norman?"
(c) "What's it like to have kids?"
(d) "How many years have you been married?"

2. What happens when Iris and the Governor are leaving the Tilson party?
(a) Iris jumps into the pool.
(b) Iris is throwing a loud fit.
(c) Iris falls then passes out.
(d) Iris wants to dance some more.

3. Why does Lester have an appointment with the banker, Llewellyn?
(a) To discuss the purchase of Crab Cove.
(b) To discuss refinancing the Gull Reef Club.
(c) To see if he could rattle the banker's chain.
(d) To learn about other property for sale on the island.

4. Who does Norman say he is looking for when he returns to the club after his visit with Miss Buckley?
(a) Lorna.
(b) Church.
(c) Esme.
(d) Iris.

5. Where is Norman told he will find the person he is looking for after he returns from Miss Buckley's office?
(a) Big Dog.
(b) Georgetown.
(c) Lover's Beach.
(d) The Thousand Steps.

6. What does the Sending say about Bob Cohn?
(a) That Bob is smarter than he lets anyone know.
(b) That Bob is a smug know-it-all.
(c) That Bob is too old for his job.
(d) That he wants Bob out of the picture as far as Hazel is concerned.

7. What happens to the tarpaulin during the champagne party?
(a) It blows open and ends the party.
(b) It blows out to sea.
(c) It blows halfway across the lobby.
(d) It traps everyone, but they are too drunk to care.

8. What does Mrs. Ball suggest when she sees Norman?
(a) That he sell her back the Gull Reef Club.
(b) That he go with her and purchase a party boat for the club.
(c) That he let her come back and work for him.
(d) That instead of the $35,000 paid later, he give her $10,000 or $15,000 now.

9. What is the Sending most interested in when he is allowed to dive with the frogmen?
(a) If they will spearfish.
(b) If they can swim to the next island.
(c) How deep they will go.
(d) If he can go down alone.

10. What is Iris and Norman's last stop as they do the island night life?
(a) The Thousand Steps.
(b) Sugar Hill.
(c) Senator Pullman's bar.
(d) Casa Encantada.

11. What happens to the Sending and Bob Cohn at lunch?
(a) They find that they agree about fear and courage.
(b) They have a fight over Hazel.
(c) They have an eating contest.
(d) They get into a debate about fear and courage.

12. Why is Virgil cleaning the Bafins?
(a) To take water to the rooms.
(b) To roast the birds for lunch.
(c) To cook the fish for dinner.
(d) To have the delicacy as an appetizer.

13. Who does Norman Paperman dance with first at the champagne party?
(a) Mrs. Sanders.
(b) Iris Tramm.
(c) Esme.
(d) Shiela.

14. What happens when the Sending learns he is going to be tied to the Chief during their dive?
(a) He says the rope is for sissies.
(b) He protests.
(c) He argues and won't dive.
(d) He stomps his feet and says "no!"

15. What did the Tilsons ask Norman and Iris to do after having a drink in the bar?
(a) To come to their home for dinner.
(b) To come to their holiday party.
(c) To join them for dinner drinks.
(d) To go out on their boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Sending think of the island when he first sees it?

2. What happens while Iris helps Norman make up the beds on the morning after the champagne party?

3. What does Norman do to make up for the problem with the tarpaulin?

4. What are Bayfins?

5. What happens to Iris and Norman's picnic lunch?

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