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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Return of Atlas.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shocks Norman most when he gets aboard Mrs. Ball's new boat?
(a) That Iris is going with Mrs. Ball to Panama.
(b) That she is setting sail with him on board.
(c) That she is heading to New York and offers to bring Henny back with her.
(d) That Thor is now the captain.

2. Who goes along to the airport with Norman when he meets Henny's plane?
(a) Bob Cohn.
(b) Janet West.
(c) Iris Tramm.
(d) Shiela.

3. Where is Norman told he will find the person he is looking for after he returns from Miss Buckley's office?
(a) Lover's Beach.
(b) Big Dog.
(c) Georgetown.
(d) The Thousand Steps.

4. What does Norman say that really upsets Miss Buckley while in her office?
(a) He suggests getting Miss Buckley fired.
(b) He suggests she doesn't know what she is doing.
(c) He suggests the Gull Reef Club is in the middle of a political battle.
(d) He suggests Senator Easter is at the bottom of the problem.

5. How does Norman locate Gilbert to show him how to prime the water pump?
(a) He takes the gondola to the other side of the island.
(b) He hires a taxi to take him to the top of Mosquito Hill.
(c) He climbs to the top of the Thousand Steps.
(d) He searches all the bars in Georgetown.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Norman do to appease his guests over the new water problem?

2. What is one of the most important things Thor explains on Norman's first day as owner of the Gull Reef Club?

3. What happens to the Sending and Bob Cohn at lunch?

4. What does Lester offer Norman for finding the property he is interested in?

5. What does Norman say when Henny suggests he get rid of Hippolyte?

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