Don't Stop the Carnival Character Descriptions

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Norman Paperman

This character takes his mid-life crisis to extremes.

Lester Atlas

This wealthy character did not have his face on Time magazine.

Iris Tramm

This one-time actress made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong man.

Christophine Buckley

This Kinjin runs the immigration on Amerigo.

Governor Alton Sanders

This mainland politician has a sad love affair.

Hippolyte Lamartine

This character is "fonny" in the head.

Church Wagner

This bartender attracts wanted attention.

Sheldon Klug

This character is a pretentious English instructor.

Mrs. Amy Ball

This character is the former owner of the Gull Reef.

Bob Cohn

This character is a Navy frogman who could provide nicely for the main character's daughter.

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