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Short Answer Questions

1. After April gets home from the movie, what does her father tell her that Tom Geist advises?

2. As they talk about the day's plans, what does Mr. Corrigan say about his involvement in the world of crime?

3. What does Abby accuse April of?

4. At some point during their trip, April and her grandmother realize something may have been stolen from them. What is it?

5. What does April do when she first arrives at the Sarasota airport?

Short Essay Questions

1. April is worried about the car behind them and decides to do something. What is it and what is the resutl?

2. The day after April's father tells her she can't go to the university of her choice, she has made a decision to go home to Norwood. How does she plan to do this?

3. What does April find out about from Jodi while she is talking to her at Disney World? How does she feel about this?

4. April had agreed to go to a movie with Larry because it was a group event. At the movie she meets Abby, who sat next to her on the plane. How does April handle this situation?

5. On the second day of April and Lorelei's drive to Florida, April notices something suspicious about a car behind them. What is it?

6. April had called her grandmother from the airport in Sarasota and Lorelei was not happy to hear from her, advising her to go back. April does show up at her grandmother's door and what does she see? What does she suddenly realize?

7. When April returns to Norwood, she gets a rude awakening about Steve. What does she learn? What does she ask Steve to do?

8. When April gets home from the movie, her parents have obviously been arguing. What does her father then tell April?

9. April feels some sympathy for her father and decides the Disney World trip might be a good idea after all. What is the drive to Orlando like?

10. When April and Lorelei stop for dinner, her grandmother is worried about the road map, which turns up missing. Why is Lorelei worried about it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Coming of age stories are often rife with conflict, as much of adolescence is seen as a time of transition from childhood to adulthood, and the pull from one back to the other. In Don't Look Behind You, April faces a number of conflicts between her own needs and the needs of her family. Give four examples of when she faces this conflict and how she responds to the situations.

Essay Topic 2

State the theme of Don't Look Behind You. How is the theme of the story reflected in the conflict? Give four examples with an explanation for each one.

Essay Topic 3

In many novels and other works of fiction, the protagonist has a tragic flaw that has a large impact on the story. Define tragic flaw and give three specific examples of April's tragic flaw. With each example, explain how her actions are detrimental to others.

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