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Short Answer Questions

1. Soon after Amy's party, April decides to return to Norwood. What helps her decide to do this?

2. April and Bram decide to stay at Disney World. What does Bran do as soon as his parents leave?

3. At some point during their trip, April and her grandmother realize something may have been stolen from them. What is it?

4. Jodi Simmons from Norwood sees April at Disney World and yells her name. What is April's first reaction?

5. While her grandmother sleeps, what does April think is happening?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the final outcome of Chapter 18?

2. April decides the only way to handle what she found out from Jodi is to continue playing tennis and going out with Larry. What happens at Amy's party? How does Larry react?

3. The family stays at the Disney theme park during the morning and then April's parents head for Epcot Center while she stays with her brother. When Bram is on the Alice in Wonderland ride, Aprl hears someone call her name. Who is it and how does April handle the situation?

4. The day after April's father tells her she can't go to the university of her choice, she has made a decision to go home to Norwood. How does she plan to do this?

5. April had called her grandmother from the airport in Sarasota and Lorelei was not happy to hear from her, advising her to go back. April does show up at her grandmother's door and what does she see? What does she suddenly realize?

6. The morning after April's movie date, her father wakes her up and says he is taking the family to Disney World. April is still angry at him for the "mess" they are in. How does he try to explain it all to her?

7. When April and Lorelei reach the house in Grove City, the Corrigans' car is nose down in a ditch. It is empty and so is the house. What does April suddenly see that terrifies her?

8. April manages to get out of the house and into the yard. She thinks she will be safe there but what happens?

9. When April returns to Norwood, she gets a rude awakening about Steve. What does she learn? What does she ask Steve to do?

10. April and her grandmother have decided they must head for Florida. April helps her grandmother pack and they set off, taking the dog. April also has her old tennis racket. They only make it to Petersburg, Virginia that night. What happens at the motel during the night?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mike Vamp is presented as an antagonist in Don't Look Behind You. Explain how the author presents Vamp in a negative light, giving four examples. Why did she choose the name "Vamp" for this character in relation to April's fears? How is this fear resolved at the end of the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Define resolution as part of the plot structure in literature. Describe where the resolution appears in Don't Look Behind You. Giving three detailed examples, show how earlier conflicts in the novel are resolved.

Essay Topic 3

One of the recurring secondary themes in Don't Look Behind You is the concept of isolation. Giving five examples from the novel, show how April's identity and her isolation have an impact on each other. Analyze how this is resolved or not in the Epilogue.

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