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Short Answer Questions

1. How does her grandmother convince April that she has to return to Florida?

2. What does Jodi say that people in Norwood are saying about the Corrigans' disappearance?

3. How does the hitman die?

4. Where do April and her grandmother spend the night during their trip?

5. Larry and April end up sitting at the movie together. What is the movie about?

Short Essay Questions

1. The morning after April's movie date, her father wakes her up and says he is taking the family to Disney World. April is still angry at him for the "mess" they are in. How does he try to explain it all to her?

2. The day after Amy's party, April is hungover and depressed. What does her father tell her that makes everything seem so bad that she just wants to get out and go back to Norwood?

3. When April gets home from the movie, her parents have obviously been arguing. What does her father then tell April?

4. What is April's reaction to her uncomfortable feelings during the movie? What does she then do?

5. What is the final outcome of Chapter 18?

6. April is worried about the car behind them and decides to do something. What is it and what is the resutl?

7. When April and Lorelei stop for dinner, her grandmother is worried about the road map, which turns up missing. Why is Lorelei worried about it?

8. April had called her grandmother from the airport in Sarasota and Lorelei was not happy to hear from her, advising her to go back. April does show up at her grandmother's door and what does she see? What does she suddenly realize?

9. On the second day of April and Lorelei's drive to Florida, April notices something suspicious about a car behind them. What is it?

10. Once the movie date starts, April is uncomfortable for a couple of reasons besides meeting Abby. Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The concept of survival is important in Don't Look Behind You. Not only must the characters survive physically, they fight for the survival of their identity. Citing two specific examples, show how the following characters are fighting for their survival in one way or another:

(1) April;

(2) Mrs. Corrigan;

(3) Mr. Corrigan.

Essay Topic 2

A metaphor, in literature, is something that represents something else.

1) Show how the author uses tennis and/or a tennis racket as a metaphor for April's life up to the point of the Epilogue. Give four examples.

2) What does April say in the Epilogue so that the reader now knows that the tennis metaphor has been discarded and April's transition is complete?

Essay Topic 3

Define climax as part of the plot structure in literature. Where does the climax occur in Don't Look Behind You? What does it reveal about the purpose of the story?

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