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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the hitman know April is outside?

2. How does her grandmother convince April that she has to return to Florida?

3. What kind of feeling does April have as she waits for her grandmother to get money at the ATM?

4. What does April tell Jodi about the Corrigans returning to Norwood?

5. April and Bram decide to stay at Disney World. What does Bran do as soon as his parents leave?

Short Essay Questions

1. April had called her grandmother from the airport in Sarasota and Lorelei was not happy to hear from her, advising her to go back. April does show up at her grandmother's door and what does she see? What does she suddenly realize?

2. April manages to get out of the house and into the yard. She thinks she will be safe there but what happens?

3. April had agreed to go to a movie with Larry because it was a group event. At the movie she meets Abby, who sat next to her on the plane. How does April handle this situation?

4. April feels some sympathy for her father and decides the Disney World trip might be a good idea after all. What is the drive to Orlando like?

5. When April and Lorelei stop for dinner, her grandmother is worried about the road map, which turns up missing. Why is Lorelei worried about it?

6. April and her grandmother have decided they must head for Florida. April helps her grandmother pack and they set off, taking the dog. April also has her old tennis racket. They only make it to Petersburg, Virginia that night. What happens at the motel during the night?

7. When April and Lorelei reach the house in Grove City, the Corrigans' car is nose down in a ditch. It is empty and so is the house. What does April suddenly see that terrifies her?

8. On the second day of April and Lorelei's drive to Florida, April notices something suspicious about a car behind them. What is it?

9. What does April find out about from Jodi while she is talking to her at Disney World? How does she feel about this?

10. April decides the only way to handle what she found out from Jodi is to continue playing tennis and going out with Larry. What happens at Amy's party? How does Larry react?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In this coming of age story, April does reach a level of maturity, as we can see by reading the Epilogue. She has had to make choices that she would not have made as the carefree teen she once was. Give two examples that occur in Chapter 14 that show she must accept reality. Explain how her choices reflect her growing maturity and how these choices are different from those she might have made only a few months before.

Essay Topic 2

Coming of age stories are often rife with conflict, as much of adolescence is seen as a time of transition from childhood to adulthood, and the pull from one back to the other. In Don't Look Behind You, April faces a number of conflicts between her own needs and the needs of her family. Give four examples of when she faces this conflict and how she responds to the situations.

Essay Topic 3

Making choices is often a typical teenage dilemma and this concept is very important in Don`t Look Behind You, as April wrestles with what she wants and what she has been told she must do. Giving four examples, show how the author portrays April facing specific dilemmas and the choices she makes. Explain how her choices influence the outcome of the novel.

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