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Short Answer Questions

1. What does April think is the hardest thing for all of the family at the Mayfower?

2. A few days after arriving in Florida, April meets Abby again. Why is she in Grove City?

3. What surprises April when she returns home to Lemon Lane from her first walk around Grove City?

4. Why does the woman from the U.S. Marshals Service decide not to send the family to California?

5. Why is April's father surprised the U.S Marshals Service wants to settle them in Florida?

Short Essay Questions

1. A few days after April's anger at Jim, she starts to feel guilty about how she spoke to him. He suggests a truce -- and tells her she is acting dumb but she is not stupid. What is one reason April decided to apologize?

2. The book begins with: "(T)he world as we knew it ended for us on a Tuesday afternoon in May." How does April describe her school day on that Tuesday afternoon in May?

3. The night after April overhears the phone conversation between Max and Jim, her father calls and talks to his wife. What does April's mother then tell April and Bram? Why is April so upset?

4. While Jim is away from the hotel, someone comes to the door of the Corrigans' suite. Who is it and how does April react?

5. After she is called to the counselor's office during her typing class, who does April see waiting for her? How does she react to this?

6. Five days after their first meeting with the U.S. Marshal Rita Green, she comes back with their new identities. Where will the family be going and what will April's new identity be?

7. The Corrigans have come from a comfortable middle-class home in a nice city to a new house in Grove City. What is their first impression of their new town and home?

8. In Chapter 1, April describes her world and makes it sound perfect. How does she do this?

9. April thinks she will be home for Steve's graduation, but she is wrong. They stay at the Mayflower for two and a half weeks. How does each family member react to this prolonged stay?

10. In Chapter 1, the narrator, April, tells the reader about her world. What does she tell us about her family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how dialogue serves as an device to enhance:

(1) exposition;

(2) characterization;

(3) foreshadowing; and

(4) resolution.

Give one example from the book that illustrates each of these elements.

Essay Topic 2

Define climax as part of the plot structure in literature. Where does the climax occur in Don't Look Behind You? What does it reveal about the purpose of the story?

Essay Topic 3

Explain what foreshadowing is and how it is used in Don't Look Behind You, citing three examples. Two of your examples may come from Chapter 1, but the third must come from later in the book.

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