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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first place Max takes the family?

2. What kind of job is suggested for George, once he is in the witness protection program?

3. After the Corrigans leave Virginia, how does Vamp try to track down April's mother?

4. How long does the Corrigan family stay at the Mayflower Hotel?

5. April picks up the phone and hears her mother talking to Max. What does she overhear?

Short Essay Questions

1. April thinks she will be home for Steve's graduation, but she is wrong. They stay at the Mayflower for two and a half weeks. How does each family member react to this prolonged stay?

2. Rita tells the family that they have to get going asap because someone has contacted their grandmother. What happened and why is Rita concerned?

3. The book begins with: "(T)he world as we knew it ended for us on a Tuesday afternoon in May." How does April describe her school day on that Tuesday afternoon in May?

4. Tom Geist also gives Mr. Corrigan the keys for his new business. What is the name of it and what kind of business is it?

5. April wakes up to her first morning in Grove City and decides to explore a bit. What is her first impression when she ventures outdoors?

6. The first night at the house in Grove City, April has a nightmare. What is it about?

7. April eavesdrops on a phone conversation Jim is having with Max. What does she overhear?

8. The family is told they will have to become part of the federal relocation plan to protect witnesses whose lives are threatened. How does Max explain how this works?

9. Jim realizes the family is suffering due to their prolonged stay at the Mayflower. What does he leave the hotel to do?

10. After April inspects the yard of her new home in Grove City, she starts to walk. Where does she go and what building does she come across?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The concept of survival is important in Don't Look Behind You. Not only must the characters survive physically, they fight for the survival of their identity. Citing two specific examples, show how the following characters are fighting for their survival in one way or another:

(1) April;

(2) Mrs. Corrigan;

(3) Mr. Corrigan.

Essay Topic 2

In reference to the plot of Don't Look Behind You,

(1) Why are the events of the story arranged as they are?;

(2) What moves the story along? Is it external action or internal conflicts? Or a combination of both? Support your answer with examples.

Essay Topic 3

Tone refers to the emotional state or attitude of the narrator of a work. As the narrator of Don't Look Behind You, what is April's tone at different stages of the book? Explain the tone, with examples:

1) At the beginning of the book, when life is "normal" in Norwood;

2) When her family is torn away from their lives and then placed into the witness protection program;

3) When and after April realizes she has put her family in great danger; and

4) In the Epilogue.

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