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Short Answer Questions

1. What advice does Tom Geist give the family about their social life?

2. What does April's brother Bram tell her when she gets home from her last day at school in Norwood?

3. Bram is upset about having his trait disguised, but he is also upset about something else. What is it?

4. On the Wednesday night at the Mayflower, Mrs. Corrigan gets a call from her husband. What does she tell April and Bram?

5. Why doesn't Mr. Corrigan want his wife to continue with her career in Florida?

Short Essay Questions

1. The day after learning they won't be going home soon, Jim brings them a newspaper that has a story about her father's involvement in the drug smuggling. April is shocked that her father would take such risks. Who or what does her mother blame her father's involvement on?

2. Rita tells the family that they have to get going asap because someone has contacted their grandmother. What happened and why is Rita concerned?

3. April wakes up to her first morning in Grove City and decides to explore a bit. What is her first impression when she ventures outdoors?

4. Lorelei has shown up at school and takes April home. Who is Lorelei and what does April tell the reader about her in Chapter 2?

5. Rita Green, the U.S. Marshal who is going to help the family with their relocation, suggests they go to California. Why is this idea discarded?

6. The night after April overhears the phone conversation between Max and Jim, her father calls and talks to his wife. What does April's mother then tell April and Bram? Why is April so upset?

7. Who is waiting in the Corrigan house when April and her grandmother arrive home from school? Why is April uneasy about this?

8. How does April react to the restrictions that Jim imposes on the Corrigans at the Mayflower?

9. While Jim is away from the hotel, someone comes to the door of the Corrigans' suite. Who is it and how does April react?

10. The family is visited by their U.S. Marshal Florida contact, Tom Geist. He tells them they have to learn to blend in in Grove City. What is one example that he talks about?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the recurring secondary themes in Don't Look Behind You is the concept of isolation. Giving five examples from the novel, show how April's identity and her isolation have an impact on each other. Analyze how this is resolved or not in the Epilogue.

Essay Topic 2

In reference to the plot of Don't Look Behind You,

(1) Why are the events of the story arranged as they are?;

(2) What moves the story along? Is it external action or internal conflicts? Or a combination of both? Support your answer with examples.

Essay Topic 3

Define climax as part of the plot structure in literature. Where does the climax occur in Don't Look Behind You? What does it reveal about the purpose of the story?

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