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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Bram in Sarasota?

2. A few days after arriving in Florida, April's parents have a huge fight. What about?

3. On the way to Flordia, why does April's seatmate Abby laugh at her?

4. What is one reason April doesn't like her name (Valerie)?

5. In Williamsburg, what does the family do every evening?

Short Essay Questions

1. After April inspects the yard of her new home in Grove City, she starts to walk. Where does she go and what building does she come across?

2. While Jim is away from the hotel, someone comes to the door of the Corrigans' suite. Who is it and how does April react?

3. After the family learns of what happened to Mr. Corrigan at the trial, Max tells them they must go into hiding. What is the reaction of each of the family members?

4. In Chapter 6, what does Max tell the family about what happened to Jim?

5. A few days after April's anger at Jim, she starts to feel guilty about how she spoke to him. He suggests a truce -- and tells her she is acting dumb but she is not stupid. What is one reason April decided to apologize?

6. The Corrigans have come from a comfortable middle-class home in a nice city to a new house in Grove City. What is their first impression of their new town and home?

7. Five days after their first meeting with the U.S. Marshal Rita Green, she comes back with their new identities. Where will the family be going and what will April's new identity be?

8. The night after April overhears the phone conversation between Max and Jim, her father calls and talks to his wife. What does April's mother then tell April and Bram? Why is April so upset?

9. April's reaction to the person at the hotel door is interrupted by Jim, who scuffles with them while the Corrigans listen from inside the suite. Later on, they go out to check and what do they find?

10. The first night at the house in Grove City, April has a nightmare. What is it about?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The setting refers to the time and the place where a story takes place. Compare and contrast the two main settings of the novel -- Norwood, Virginia and Grove City, Florida. How do the settings have an impact on the story and the characters of Don't Look Behind You?

Essay Topic 2

Mike Vamp is presented as an antagonist in Don't Look Behind You. Explain how the author presents Vamp in a negative light, giving four examples. Why did she choose the name "Vamp" for this character in relation to April's fears? How is this fear resolved at the end of the novel?

Essay Topic 3

State the theme of Don't Look Behind You. How is the theme of the story reflected in the conflict? Give four examples with an explanation for each one.

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