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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Abby accuse April of?
(a) Lying about her tennis history.
(b) Lying about Larry.
(c) Lying about her age.
(d) Lying about her name.

2. What does Jodi say that people in Norwood are saying about the Corrigans' disappearance?
(a) That the parents had split up.
(b) That it was related to the drug case.
(c) That the family had all died in an accident.
(d) That April had anorexia and needed medical care.

3. Where do April and her grandmother find themselves soon after they see the hitman?
(a) In the garage.
(b) In the bathroom.
(c) In the kitchen.
(d) In a bedroom closet.

4. After leaving the small town, what does her grandmother advise April to do, to be on the safe side?
(a) Drive east and go along the coast to Florida.
(b) Drive west and then southwest to Florida.
(c) Give up and return to Norwood.
(d) Drive north for a while, and then south again.

5. What does April tell her parents when she meets them at the Disney World gate?
(a) That she had run into Jodi.
(b) That she wants to go home.
(c) That she loved Disney World.
(d) That she had lost Bram.

Short Answer Questions

1. April decides to phone Larry and gets his father on the phone. What does he tell her?

2. How does the hitman die?

3. At some point during their trip, April and her grandmother realize something may have been stolen from them. What is it?

4. April gets out of the house. Where has the hitman been all this time?

5. What do April and her grandmother finally see when they reach Lemon Lane in Grove City?

Short Essay Questions

1. April and her grandmother have decided they must head for Florida. April helps her grandmother pack and they set off, taking the dog. April also has her old tennis racket. They only make it to Petersburg, Virginia that night. What happens at the motel during the night?

2. When April returns to Norwood, she gets a rude awakening about Steve. What does she learn? What does she ask Steve to do?

3. April had agreed to go to a movie with Larry because it was a group event. At the movie she meets Abby, who sat next to her on the plane. How does April handle this situation?

4. When April and Lorelei stop for dinner, her grandmother is worried about the road map, which turns up missing. Why is Lorelei worried about it?

5. On the second day of April and Lorelei's drive to Florida, April notices something suspicious about a car behind them. What is it?

6. The family stays at the Disney theme park during the morning and then April's parents head for Epcot Center while she stays with her brother. When Bram is on the Alice in Wonderland ride, Aprl hears someone call her name. Who is it and how does April handle the situation?

7. What is April's reaction to her uncomfortable feelings during the movie? What does she then do?

8. What does April find out about from Jodi while she is talking to her at Disney World? How does she feel about this?

9. April had called her grandmother from the airport in Sarasota and Lorelei was not happy to hear from her, advising her to go back. April does show up at her grandmother's door and what does she see? What does she suddenly realize?

10. The day after Amy's party, April is hungover and depressed. What does her father tell her that makes everything seem so bad that she just wants to get out and go back to Norwood?

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