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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Because they have to stay on at the hotel, April has a tantrum and Jim calls her immature. What does he tell her he will do about the phone?
(a) Tap it so he knows if she makes any calls.
(b) Allow her to make one call a day.
(c) Remove the phone from their suite.
(d) He will tell the hotel not to put any calls through from their suite.

2. Why does the woman from the U.S. Marshals Service decide not to send the family to California?
(a) Mrs. Corrigan had spoken at a convention there.
(b) They had lived there when they were first married.
(c) George had attended college there.
(d) George has many relatives there.

3. On the way to Flordia, why does April's seatmate Abby laugh at her?
(a) She thinks April's new hair cut is ridiculous.
(b) She thinks April's accent is funny.
(c) She thinks April has no fashion sense.
(d) She tells Abby her name is April Gross.

4. The Corrigans switch cars. According to Max, why do they do this?
(a) They were followed.
(b) Max needs his car for another case.
(c) Jim can't drive a stick shift.
(d) In case they were followed.

5. Tom Geist gives Mr. Corrigan the key to his new business. What kind of business is it?
(a) A fast food restaurant.
(b) A photocopying shop.
(c) An antique shop.
(d) A fast-photo processing shop.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does her mother tell April at the end of Chapter 2?

2. What does Max tell April's grandmother that no one in the family can do?

3. How does April's last normal day at Springside Academy end?

4. What is April's reaction to being taken away from her home?

5. A few days after arriving in Florida, April's parents have a huge fight. What about?

Short Essay Questions

1. Five days after their first meeting with the U.S. Marshal Rita Green, she comes back with their new identities. Where will the family be going and what will April's new identity be?

2. The book begins with: "(T)he world as we knew it ended for us on a Tuesday afternoon in May." How does April describe her school day on that Tuesday afternoon in May?

3. After Jim's disappearance, the decision is made to move the family to Williamsburg. What is different about their situation in Williamsburg?

4. The first night at the house in Grove City, April has a nightmare. What is it about?

5. After they arrive at the Mayflower, what restrictions does Jim put on the Corrigans?

6. In Chapter 2, what does Max tell April and Lorelei that sets in motion the events that follow?

7. Who is waiting in the Corrigan house when April and her grandmother arrive home from school? Why is April uneasy about this?

8. How does April react to the restrictions that Jim imposes on the Corrigans at the Mayflower?

9. In Chapter 1, April describes her world and makes it sound perfect. How does she do this?

10. The family is visited by their U.S. Marshal Florida contact, Tom Geist. He tells them they have to learn to blend in in Grove City. What is one example that he talks about?

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