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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An unfamiliar hotel maid comes to the door while Jim is out. What does she try to do?
(a) Force her way into the room.
(b) Convince April to tell her where her father is.
(c) Clean the bathroom while April is doing her hair.
(d) Force April to take a gun for her protection.

2. How does the family travel to Florida?
(a) On the same plane.
(b) April and her mother take the train, the guys go by plane.
(c) By train.
(d) Mr. Corrigan and Bram on one plane, Mrs. Corrigan and April on another.

3. After the Corrigans leave Virginia, how does Vamp try to track down April's mother?
(a) By pretending to be an IRS agent.
(b) By checking her credit card account.
(c) By pretending a movie producer wanted to make her book into a movie.
(d) By pretending to be her doctor and phoning her mother.

4. What are the new names given to April's parents by the U.S. Marshals Service?
(a) Philip and Ellen.
(b) Robert and Elaine.
(c) Joe and Elise.
(d) Mike and Susan.

5. The trial has ended but the family must stay at the hotel. Why?
(a) Mrs. Corrigan is scared and won't leave.
(b) More threats have been made on their life.
(c) The verdict is "guilty" and they are afraid of payback.
(d) A dangerous witness has been seen in the area.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the way to Flordia, why does April's seatmate Abby laugh at her?

2. How does the U.S. Marshals Service agent change April's appearance?

3. Why will it be hard for people to find the Corrigans in Grove City?

4. After Jim leaves to arrange a way to break the monotony, April feels guilty. Why?

5. What else do the FBI agents say about the case while April is eavesdropping on the phone?

Short Essay Questions

1. April wakes up to her first morning in Grove City and decides to explore a bit. What is her first impression when she ventures outdoors?

2. April's reaction to the person at the hotel door is interrupted by Jim, who scuffles with them while the Corrigans listen from inside the suite. Later on, they go out to check and what do they find?

3. After April inspects the yard of her new home in Grove City, she starts to walk. Where does she go and what building does she come across?

4. The day after learning they won't be going home soon, Jim brings them a newspaper that has a story about her father's involvement in the drug smuggling. April is shocked that her father would take such risks. Who or what does her mother blame her father's involvement on?

5. The night after April overhears the phone conversation between Max and Jim, her father calls and talks to his wife. What does April's mother then tell April and Bram? Why is April so upset?

6. The book begins with: "(T)he world as we knew it ended for us on a Tuesday afternoon in May." How does April describe her school day on that Tuesday afternoon in May?

7. After the family gets settled in Florida, life becomes dull. How do the Corrigans pass their time for the next three weeks?

8. April goes behind the building because she hears a familiar sound. What is it and who does she meet there? What does April do?

9. How does April react to the restrictions that Jim imposes on the Corrigans at the Mayflower?

10. Jim realizes the family is suffering due to their prolonged stay at the Mayflower. What does he leave the hotel to do?

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