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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first place Max takes the family?
(a) The Federal Building.
(b) To the mall to buy supplies.
(c) The Colonial Inn.
(d) To their schools to sign out.

2. Why doesn't April's grandmother want to join them in the witness protection program?
(a) She is too old for such a change.
(b) She doesn't want to be around April and Bram all the time.
(c) She doesn't want to leave her friends and activities.
(d) She can't get along with her daughter.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Corrigan are advised not to get their new driver's licenses in Grove City. Why?
(a) The local examiner was a cop and might be suspicious.
(b) It has the worst examiners in the state.
(c) Their identities could be traced.
(d) The local gossips might talk about it.

4. What does April's brother Bram tell her when she gets home from her last day at school in Norwood?
(a) They are going on a short vacation.
(b) Their dog has run away.
(c) Their father has been in an accident.
(d) They will not be going back to school that year.

5. Max Barber, an old friend of her father's, is at the house when April got home. What does Max do for a living?
(a) He is a bounty hunter.
(b) He is an FBI agent.
(c) He is a Norwood policeman.
(d) He is a CIA agent.

6. What does Max tell April's grandmother that no one in the family can do?
(a) Leave Norwood.
(b) Leave the house.
(c) Telephone anyone.
(d) Appear in public.

7. What trait does Bram have that the U.S. Marshals Service decide must be disguised?
(a) He wears two hearing aids.
(b) He has bright red hair.
(c) He has one blue eye and one brown eye.
(d) He lost his eyebrows and eyelashes due to illness.

8. The trial has ended but the family must stay at the hotel. Why?
(a) More threats have been made on their life.
(b) Mrs. Corrigan is scared and won't leave.
(c) The verdict is "guilty" and they are afraid of payback.
(d) A dangerous witness has been seen in the area.

9. What surprises April when she returns home to Lemon Lane from her first walk around Grove City?
(a) There is another car in the driveway.
(b) Steve has called.
(c) Her father is gone.
(d) Her grandmother has called.

10. What lie does April tell Kim and Larry?
(a) That she is from Durham, NC.
(b) That she is from Washington, DC.
(c) That she is from Atlanta, GA.
(d) That she is from New York City.

11. What does April's friend Sherry call April's room?
(a) The Princess Place.
(b) Norwood Neverland.
(c) The Princess Room.
(d) Princess April's Chamber.

12. Why does April get angry when Jim won't let her call Steve?
(a) She doesn't like any adult telling her what to do.
(b) She is worried Steve will be angry at her.
(c) She feels like she is being treated like a child.
(d) She is upset that Jim didn't trust Steve.

13. George's boss will soon be out on bail. Why does this put George in danger?
(a) George might be tempted back into a life of crime.
(b) His boss knows where he is.
(c) If there's a mistrial, he'll have to testify again.
(d) George could be arrested.

14. In Williamsburg, what does the family do every evening?
(a) Searches their room for bugs and phone taps.
(b) Prays that their ordeal will end soon.
(c) Checks into a new hotel.
(d) Checks in with Max for instructions.

15. After the confrontation about the phone, and everyone else is asleep, what does April do?
(a) Mails a letter to her grandmother.
(b) Mails a letter to Max.
(c) Mails a letter to her father.
(d) Maisl a letter to Steve.

Short Answer Questions

1. Because they have to stay on at the hotel, April has a tantrum and Jim calls her immature. What does he tell her he will do about the phone?

2. What does Larry ask April to do after they play tennis for the first time?

3. What sport is April very involved in?

4. What kind of job is suggested for George, once he is in the witness protection program?

5. What nickname does Steve have for April?

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