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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does April do to show her anger at Jim over phoning Steve?
(a) She goes into a bedroom and slams the door.
(b) She sits in the corner and refuses to talk to anyone.
(c) She throws a book at him.
(d) She swears at him.

2. Who does Max say the maid at the door really was?
(a) Mark Winnender.
(b) Mike Vamp.
(c) Coach Malloy.
(d) Lucky Luke.

3. What does April think is the hardest thing for all of the family at the Mayfower?
(a) The lack of privacy.
(b) Having Jim around.
(c) Missing their father and husband.
(d) The lack of activity.

4. How does April's last normal day at Springside Academy end?
(a) She goes home sick.
(b) She cuts class to be with Steve.
(c) Her grandmother picks her up.
(d) She stays at school to finish an essay.

5. In Williamsburg, what does the family do every evening?
(a) Checks in with Max for instructions.
(b) Checks into a new hotel.
(c) Prays that their ordeal will end soon.
(d) Searches their room for bugs and phone taps.

6. What nickname does Steve have for April?
(a) Baby cakes.
(b) April-La-La
(c) Princess.
(d) Rapunzel.

7. Within a few days of arriving in Florida, April has to get used to a big change. What is that?
(a) Her new high school.
(b) The family having a lot less money.
(c) There are few teenagers in town.
(d) They move to a two-bedroom apartment.

8. April has a specific reason for being upset about not going home on Friday. What is it?
(a) She will miss Steve's birthday.
(b) She will miss going shopping with Sherry.
(c) She will miss the prom.
(d) She will miss an important sporting event she's playing in.

9. What are the people that April sees behind the school doing?
(a) Playing handball.
(b) Playing tennis.
(c) Playing mah jong.
(d) Playing cards.

10. What does Max tell the family they will have to do?
(a) Go to his house.
(b) Go somewhere safe.
(c) Go to their grandmother's.
(d) Go to Washington.

11. How does the U.S. Marshals Service agent change April's appearance?
(a) By telling her to gain 20 lbs.
(b) By dying her hair.
(c) By changing her eye color with contacts.
(d) By cutting her hair.

12. Where did April and her family live at the beginning of the novel?
(a) Washington, D.C.
(b) Norwood, Virginia.
(c) Crestwood, Virginia.
(d) Elmwood, Virginia

13. Jim shows up while the maid is at the door and stops her. What happens next?
(a) April trips the maid, stopping her in her tracks.
(b) Jim shoots the maid.
(c) They fight in the hall.
(d) The maid gets away and Jim can't catch her.

14. After Jim leaves to arrange a way to break the monotony, April feels guilty. Why?
(a) She feels she has been really childish lately.
(b) She feels she should tell him about mailing the letter.
(c) She said awful things about Jim in the letter she mailed.
(d) She called Jim some horrible names over the issue of the phone.

15. What does April consider the "high-point" of the day at the Mayflower?
(a) When her brother takes a nap.
(b) When she can spend time in the bathroom alone.
(c) When she can sit on the balcony and read.
(d) When they get the room service meals.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is April's impression of her new house's yard the next morning?

2. What is going to happen to April's family's dog, Porky?

3. What else do the FBI agents say about the case while April is eavesdropping on the phone?

4. After the confrontation about the phone, and everyone else is asleep, what does April do?

5. After the Corrigans leave Virginia, how does Vamp try to track down April's mother?

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