Don't Look Behind You Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In Chapter 1, the narrator, April, tells the reader about her world. What does she tell us about her family?

April's describes her family as living in Norwood, Virginia, and that it includes her father, who works for the Southern Skyways airline, her mother who is an author of children's books, and her younger brother, who is in third grade. April, the fourth member of the family, is an eleventh grader and a "red-hot" tennis player. The only unusual situation is that April's father George is away testifying in a drug case.

2. In Chapter 1, April describes her world and makes it sound perfect. How does she do this?

April's world consists of: a family of two parents and two children, a magical place to live in, a bedroom that is so wonderful it is called the Princess Chamber, a high school where April fits in well, and athletic ability that makes her a star tennis player. She mentions nothing at all that would cause a teenager stress or unhappiness.

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