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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is April's first impression of their new home in Florida?
(a) She thinks it smells like a locker room.
(b) She thinks it is fabulous.
(c) She thinks it looks like a college dorm.
(d) She thinks it does not have indoor plumbing.

2. What does Abby accuse April of?
(a) Lying about her name.
(b) Lying about her tennis history.
(c) Lying about her age.
(d) Lying about Larry.

3. Finally, Jim apologizes about his treatment of April and the phone. What is April's reaction?
(a) She feels nothing.
(b) She is as angry as ever.
(c) She is sorry too.
(d) She is very happy they are friends again.

4. How does Mrs. Corrigan feel after they arrive at the Mayflower Hotel?
(a) She is relieved they are safe.
(b) She is angry about leaving her home.
(c) She is worried about her husband.
(d) She is exhausted and shaky.

5. After the apology about the phone, what does Jim offer to do to break the monotony of watching TV?
(a) To buy some board games.
(b) To buy them any junk food they want.
(c) To buy them a computer.
(d) To get permission to let the family use the hotel gym.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does April compare her family to as they begin their trip to Disney World?

2. After a morning at Disney World, where do April's parents want April and Bram to go?

3. What does Jodi say that people in Norwood are saying about the Corrigans' disappearance?

4. Max Barber, an old friend of her father's, is at the house when April got home. What does Max do for a living?

5. What surprises April when she returns home to Lemon Lane from her first walk around Grove City?

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