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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Don't Look Behind You begins with the sentence "The world as we knew it ended for us on a Tuesday afternoon in May." The author is using obvious foreshadowing to inform the reader that the narrator's life will change forever. This lesson will discuss the literary device of foreshadowing.


1) Class discussion:

a) Discuss the opening sentence of the book and what it tells the reader about what is to come in the novel.

b) Explain foreshadowing and discuss why its use in novels is common as a literary device.

c) Have the students give examples of what they think might be coming based solely on the events of Chapter 1.

d) Refer to the fact that someone April was not expecting to see, i.e. Lorelei, has arrived to sign her out of school. How might this relate to foreshadowing?

2) Group Work: Divide the class...

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