Don't Look Behind You Character Descriptions

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April Corrigan

This character is a teenage girl in a family that becomes part of the Federal Witness Security Program.

George Corrigan

This character is an undercover FBI agent who becomes a witness in a trial against a drug smuggler.

Elizabeth (Liz) Corrigan

This character is an author of children's books.

Bram Corrigan

This character has one blue eye and one brown eye.


This character is a grandmother who must choose between her life and her family.

Steve Chandler

This character is a high schooler from Norwood who is compared to the "boy in the mall."

Sherry Blaugrand

This character begins to date another Norwood student, causing much pain to his former girlfriend.

Jodi Simmons

This character from Norwood turns up at Disney World.

Max Barber

This character recruited a friend into the drug smuggling case.

Mike Vamp

This character is a hired hitman.

Jim Peterson


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