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Chapter 1

• April's life in Norwood, Virginia is described.

• She is a happy, popular, and athletic teenager with many friends and a boyfriend, Steve.

• She has a wonderful bedroom that is a teenager's paradise.

• She has a stable, close family.
• April's father works for an airline.

• April's mother is the author of children's books.

• April has a younger brother, Bram, in third grade, who has two different colored eyes.

• Her father is away testifying at a drug trial but it causes April no real worries.

Chapter 2

• An attempt is made on April's father's (George Corrigan) life.

• The Corrigan family is told they must leave their home quickly.

• There is fear that they may be the target of the drug network her father is testifying against.
• April discovers her father is really an undercover FBI agent.

• The discovery that her father is an undercover agent shakes her sense of normalcy...

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