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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what month did the missionaries come to visit the Fuller home in Chapter 14: "Missionaries 1975"?
(a) January.
(b) July.
(c) May.
(d) October.

2. What is the name of Alexandra Fuller’s older sister in the narrative?
(a) Olivia Fuller.
(b) Nicola Fuller.
(c) Vanessa Fuller.
(d) Jayne Fuller.

3. What did Bobo’s mother offer the border guard as a bribe in Chapter 2: "Getting There & Zambia 1987"?
(a) Cash.
(b) Bobo.
(c) A gold coin.
(d) A dog.

4. Mum often took Bobo with her to the police station which was located in what part of town in Chapter 11: "War 1976"?
(a) The fourth class.
(b) The third class.
(c) The second class.
(d) The first class.

5. To what town did the Fullers move in Rhodesia before settling in Karoi?
(a) Cape Town.
(b) Dete.
(c) Mgodi.
(d) Chirundu.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bobo declined her mother’s offer of a drink in Chapter 2: "Getting There & Zambia 1987" because she had to pack for a nine-hour drive to where?

2. From what denomination were the visiting missionaries in Chapter 14: "Missionaries 1975"?

3. With what family friend did the narrator’s parents leave her and her sister in Chapter 13: "Vanessa"?

4. What is the name of the farm that the Fullers bought in Chapter 9: "Burma Valley"?

5. What students attended the C schools?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where in England did the Fuller family settle in Chapter 7: "England 1969"? What did they do there?

2. How did the narrator’s mother profit from the wild cattle in Chapter 18: "Chimurenga, 1979"?

3. Where did the family travel in Chapter 17: "Vacation"? Who did they pick up on their journey?

4. What were the narrator’s impressions of the police station described in Chapter 11: "War 1976"?

5. What did Bobo do when she experienced a stinging pain in her genital area in Chapter 8: "Karoi"? What was the cause?

6. How did Bobo’s experiences in school change after integration took place in Chapter 2: "Getting There & Zambia 1987"?

7. How does the narrator describe the lives of the Fullers after Olivia’s death in Chapter 16: "Afterward"?

8. How is Bobo’s sister described in Chapter 13: "Vanessa"? What event is related in this chapter?

9. How did Vanessa react when confronted with the actions of Roly Swift in Chapter 13: "Vanessa"? How did Bobo’s parents respond?

10. What did Mum do with the rabbits in Chapter 7: "England 1969"? When did the family decide to return to Africa?

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