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Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Sancho Panza drop his demand for a salary?

2. What is the plan to transport Don Quixote back to La Mancha?

3. Which two of Quixote's chivalric heroes inspire him to do a penance in the mountain?

4. Don Quixote tells Sancho that there is no such thing as a knight errant who is not what?

5. How does Cervantes poke fun at his own mistakes in writing the first part of The Adventures of Don Quixote?

Short Essay Questions

1. Give evidence that the farmer's daughter is a popular theme in Cervantes' writing.

2. How does Don Quixote agree to return to La Mancha?

3. Discuss Don Quixote's illusions that cause him to do battle with strange things.

4. How is the character of Don Quixote enlarged and filled out by Cervantes?

5. How do many people abuse Don Quixote's madness?

6. When Don Quixote sees a girl Sancho says is Dulcinea, what are the circumstances?

7. How does Teresa Panza show her practical side?

8. Describe the story of the Captive Captain.

9. Outline the story of what Anselmo wants Lothario to do.

10. What happens while Don Quixote is allowed out of the cage on the oxcart?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a paper about a favorite knight such as Sir Lancelot or Sir Galahad.

Essay Topic 2

Write a story about Gines de Pasamonte's committing a great robbery and going back to the galleys.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on kindness to handicapped people.

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