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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What delights Sancho at the wedding?
(a) The beautiful dancing girls
(b) The fine bed he is given
(c) The acrobats
(d) Camacho's vast wealth

2. What is the point of the Countess of Trifaldi's story?
(a) It mocks Don Quixote as being a phony.
(b) It is a plan to get Sancho Panza to leave Don Quixote.
(c) It is a story to challenge Quixote to tell a better one.
(d) It is a trick to get Don Quixote to fight the giant Malambruno.

3. How does the Duke get Sancho to agree to the self flagellation?
(a) Getting him drunk with summer wine
(b) Promising him a new green suit
(c) Fear that he might lose the governorship the Duke promised him
(d) Bribing him with a large sum of money

4. What ignoble disaster befalls Don Quixote and Sancho out in the countryside?
(a) They are attacked by birds.
(b) They are trampled by swine.
(c) They fall into a swamp.
(d) They are robbed of everything.

5. What means of travel does the Duenna say the giant Malambruno will send for them to go to him?
(a) A large blue bull
(b) A flying carpet
(c) A giant wooden, flying horse
(d) A caravan of white elephant

Short Answer Questions

1. What invitation is given Don Quixote and Sancho when they meet two students and two peasants?

2. At the inn, what does Sancho happily observe?

3. The curate, the barber, and the bachelor are not in agreement with whom over Quixote's decision to become a shepherd?

4. After the stoning, Sancho Panza makes what demand on Don Quixote?

5. Who is the unexpected pleasure for Don Quixote in Don Diego's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the ten horsemen take Quixote and Sancho back to the castle of the Duke and Duchess?

2. What dramatic event happens at the wedding of Quiteria the Fair to Camacho the Rich?

3. On the way to the wedding of Quiteria the Fair to Camacho the Rich, why does Quixote scold Sancho?

4. In spite of the set up of Sancho as governor of the island of Barataria, how does he do as a governor?

5. What trick is played on Sancho that makes him resign his governorship and return to Don Quixote?

6. Discuss Quixote's last hours.

7. What happens on the River Ebro?

8. What is the finish to the story of the Countess Trifaldi?

9. Explain why Sancho is conscience stricken after Don Quixote's return from the cave of Montesinos.

10. Describe the humorous story of the braying town.

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