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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sancho finally have the courage to tell Don Quixote?
(a) That he will not suffer any more abuse.
(b) That he is a fool who believes he is a knight.
(c) That he is leaving him and returning to his isle.
(d) That he lied about seeing Dulcinea.

2. How does Quixote continue his tradition of siding with the underdog?
(a) He helps Quiteria escape.
(b) He champions Basilio.
(c) He avenges the peasants.
(d) He teaches the students about knighthood.

3. On the galley, Don Quixote gets a royal greeting but what happens to Sancho Panza?
(a) He is picked up by the crew and tossed around.
(b) He is pushed into the sea.
(c) He is tied to the mast.
(d) He is forced to be an oarsman.

4. On their way back to La Mancha, who do Don Quixote and Sancho run across?
(a) Don Quixote's niece who is on her way to Barcelona.
(b) The barber and the curate who have come looking for him.
(c) The troupe of actors they had met earlier and fought with.
(d) Tosilos, who reveals that he was not enchanted at the duel and also that he didn't follow through with the marriage anyway

5. What observation does Sancho Panza make when the steward comes to take him to his governorship?
(a) It should be a baron to take him to such a place.
(b) No one has told him where his governorship is.
(c) The steward is the one who plays the part of Countess Trifaldi.
(d) The Duke and Duchess are not there to see him off.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the inn, what does Sancho happily observe?

2. Who else does Quixote insist he sees inside the cave?

3. When everyone else leaves the table, where does Sancho go?

4. While staying at the castle of the Duke and Duchess, what does Sancho do every time he gets frightened?

5. Who is the mysterious Knight of the White Moon?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Sancho is conscience stricken after Don Quixote's return from the cave of Montesinos.

2. What happens on the River Ebro?

3. What happens when Don Quixote attempts to take matters into his own hands to finish Sancho's thrashing?

4. Describe the last bit of fun the castle servants are allowed to have with Don Quixote and Sancho before they leave.

5. What is the problem involving the Infanta Antonomasia?

6. What happens when Don Quixote is finally defeated by another knight who orders him to return to La Mancha.

7. What event causes Don Diego to invite Don Quixote and Sancho to his house?

8. In spite of the set up of Sancho as governor of the island of Barataria, how does he do as a governor?

9. What occurs when Don Diego de Miranda joins Quixote and Sancho on the road?

10. On the way to the wedding of Quiteria the Fair to Camacho the Rich, why does Quixote scold Sancho?

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