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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who judges the basin to be a helmet, though incomplete?
(a) The curate
(b) The innkeeper
(c) The barber from La Mancha
(d) Dorothea

2. What does the imagery of the Golden Age represent to Don Quixote?
(a) A time when there was money for everyone.
(b) The times when uses of metal were discovered.
(c) The days when literature was at its peak.
(d) A simpler, more peaceful time in the age of chivalry.

3. Realizing their mistake, where do Don Quixote and Sancho Panza go to hide only to meet up again with Gines de Pasamonte who steals Sancho's ass?
(a) The Sierra Morena mountains
(b) Back in La Mancha
(c) The inn where they stayed before
(d) The fulling mills

4. What is Don Quixote's explanation for the way the people at the inn toss Sancho into the air from a blanket?
(a) Sancho allowed it to happen so Don Quixote could escape.
(b) The castle is enchanted.
(c) They had fun with Sancho because they could not do that to a knight errant.
(d) Sancho had it coming to him.

5. When Sancho tells his wife, Teresa, that he is going again with Don Quixote, what advice does Teresa give?
(a) That this time he will surely die.
(b) That he should break his leg and get out of going with the madman.
(c) To remain in his own station and not think of governorships.
(d) That he must come home with another 100 crowns or not come home at all.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Don Quixote sets out again on adventures, who does he take with him?

2. How do they manage to escape the Moorish land and take Zoraida with them?

3. As Dorothea tells her story, what does Cardenio suddenly realize?

4. After the beating by the carriers, what does Sancho request that Don Quixote cannot supply?

5. Who comes to inform Don Quixote of the book that has been written about him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the story of the Princess Micomicona, of the land of Micomicon?

2. What happens while Don Quixote is allowed out of the cage on the oxcart?

3. Why is Don Antonio disappointed that Quixote and Sancho are returning home?

4. Discuss Marcela's defense of herself at the funeral of Chrisostom.

5. Describe Rocinante.

6. What happens when Don Quixote attempts to take matters into his own hands to finish Sancho's thrashing?

7. What happens when the Don and Sancho meet an acting troupe still in costume?

8. Describe how Cervantes presents Sancho as one motivated by money.

9. Explain how Master Pedro and his trained ape are able to identify Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

10. What is the significance of the Knight of the Wood?

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