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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two of Quixote's chivalric heroes inspire him to do a penance in the mountain?
(a) Amadis and Orlando
(b) Peter and Paul
(c) Valiant and Gawain
(d) Arthur and Lancelot

2. How does Sancho Panza regain Dapple?
(a) Gines de Pasamonte rides up disguised as a gypsy but Sancho Panza recognizes him.
(b) Don Quixote offers a large reward for the mule.
(c) Don Quixote finds the mule in the castle stables.
(d) The mule has bucked off its captor and headed back to La Mancha.

3. What is the plan to transport Don Quixote back to La Mancha?
(a) He is held in a makeshift cage on back of an oxcart.
(b) He is taken prisoner by the king's horsemen.
(c) He is ited to the back of his horse and led to La Mancha.
(d) He is tricked into leading them to La Mancha because Dulcinea has come there.

4. What is the surprise after Don Quixote defeats the Knight of the Wood?
(a) He is actually a woman.
(b) He is another unreal enchantment.
(c) He has not actually been knighted.
(d) He is actually Sampson.

5. What does Don Quixote imagine to be the legendary helmet of Mambrino?
(a) A tea kettle
(b) A gravy boat
(c) A brass barber's bowl
(d) A mop bucket

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sancho's plan to deceive Don Quixote about the Lady Dulcinea?

2. Who has dinner with Don Quixote after Sancho Panza goes home?

3. Why does Sancho Panza continue to insist that Don Quixote is not enchanted?

4. What is the story of the mule driver with the beautiful voice?

5. How does Quixote blend knight errantry and sainthood?

Short Essay Questions

1. Give a physical description of Quizada before he transforms himself into Don Quixote.

2. What happens while Don Quixote is allowed out of the cage on the oxcart?

3. Discuss Don Quixote's choice of penance after the release of the prisoners.

4. How does Don Quixote agree to return to La Mancha?

5. When Don Quixote sees a girl Sancho says is Dulcinea, what are the circumstances?

6. What happens when the Don and Sancho meet an acting troupe still in costume?

7. Describe Rocinante.

8. Describe the story of the Captive Captain.

9. How is the character of Don Quixote enlarged and filled out by Cervantes?

10. Describe the visit of the barber and the curate to Don Quixote after his return home.

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