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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In reality, what are the thirty or forty hulking giants Don Quixote attacks only to get seriously injured again?
(a) Haystacks
(b) Windmills
(c) Oak trees
(d) Large rocks

2. What is the challenge to knight errantry presented to Don Quixote by Vivaldo?
(a) Instead of making their last moments in honor of their ladies, knights should instead submit themselves to God.
(b) Vivaldo challenges Don Quixote to find and slay a dragon.
(c) Vivaldo says that the rules of knight errantry need to be rewritten.
(d) Vivaldo suggests that the day of knights errant are long past and Don Quizxote should go home.

3. Realizing their mistake, where do Don Quixote and Sancho Panza go to hide only to meet up again with Gines de Pasamonte who steals Sancho's ass?
(a) The Sierra Morena mountains
(b) Back in La Mancha
(c) The fulling mills
(d) The inn where they stayed before

4. In yet another coincidence, what happens when a learned judge arrives at the inn with his beautiful daughter?
(a) The judge has come to take Don Quixote back to La Mancha.
(b) The judge is looking for some escaped criminals.
(c) The Captive Captain recognizes the judge as his brother.
(d) The girl turns out to be Zoraida's long lost sister.

5. On their next adventure, where do Don Quixote and Sancho Panza head first?
(a) Back to the inn that Quixote thinks is a castle
(b) To the mountains for some training
(c) To El Toboso to get the blessing of the Lady Dulcinea
(d) To Constantinople to start a crusade

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has dinner with Don Quixote after Sancho Panza goes home?

2. Why does Lothario think Camilla is being unvirtuous?

3. What happens when Dapple is taken by the actors?

4. Why does Zoraida attempt to correspond with the Captive Captain?

5. What does the canon think about drama of his day?

Short Essay Questions

1. Tell the story of how Don Quixote becomes entangled with the criminal, Gines de Pasamonte.

2. Describe the visit of the barber and the curate to Don Quixote after his return home.

3. Describe how Cervantes suggests that Don Quixote descends into madness.

4. What is the significance of the Knight of the Wood?

5. What happens while Don Quixote is allowed out of the cage on the oxcart?

6. How does the student Sampson enter into Don Quixote's life?

7. Before the start of the second part of their adventures, why do Sancho and Don Quixote have a disagreement?

8. Discuss Don Quixote's choice of penance after the release of the prisoners.

9. What happens when the Don and Sancho meet an acting troupe still in costume?

10. Describe Rocinante.

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