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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does Don Quixote accidentally crown himself when he puts on his helmet?
(a) Raw eggs
(b) Curds
(c) Cooked beef
(d) Hot bread

2. On their way back to La Mancha, who do Don Quixote and Sancho run across?
(a) Don Quixote's niece who is on her way to Barcelona.
(b) The troupe of actors they had met earlier and fought with.
(c) Tosilos, who reveals that he was not enchanted at the duel and also that he didn't follow through with the marriage anyway
(d) The barber and the curate who have come looking for him.

3. What are the omens Don Quixote perceives as meanings he will never meet Dulcinea?
(a) A box full of crickets and a black cat
(b) Dark clouds and spotted goats
(c) A falling star and a blood red moon
(d) The words of a boy and a hare under Dapple

4. Why does Tosilos reveal himself at the duel?
(a) He gets scared and thinks revealing himself will stop Don Quixote.
(b) He suddenly desires to marry the Duenna's daughter.
(c) He doesn't want to harm an old man.
(d) He decides he can see better without a helmet.

5. What delights Sancho at the wedding?
(a) The beautiful dancing girls
(b) The fine bed he is given
(c) Camacho's vast wealth
(d) The acrobats

6. What causes Sancho to resign his post and leave his isle?
(a) A trick some men play on him and call him a turtle
(b) His homesickness
(c) His needing to see Don Quixote
(d) His desire to ride Dapple again

7. What comes back to Sancho from his behavior toward Don Quixote?
(a) Now he has to make all the decisions.
(b) Now people are asking him for money.
(c) Now people think he is mad.
(d) Now he has to hear all court cases.

8. What irritates Don Quixote as he listens to Sancho speak?
(a) His rambling on and on without a point
(b) His butting in to Quixote's conversations
(c) His use of homespun proverbs
(d) His affected speech

9. Why does Sampson's pretend squire leave him?
(a) He has become friends with Sancho who will be hurt.
(b) He decides the wants to be the knight himself.
(c) He says Sampson is behaving as mad as Don Quixote.
(d) Sampson has no money to pay him.

10. Finally, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are invited to a real castle. Who invites them?
(a) A real Duke and Duchess
(b) A prince of the realm
(c) Dona Rodrigquez de Grijalba
(d) Camila de Camacho

11. What arrangements had the Duke made regarding the duel?
(a) To stop the duel and declare Don Quixote the winner
(b) To keep injury to a minimum
(c) To invite the country people to watch
(d) To convince Don Quixote that it was all an illusion

12. After the feast at Camacho's house, where does Don Quixote want to go?
(a) Back to La Mancha
(b) The enchanted castle
(c) The cave of Montesinos
(d) The cathedral at Madrid

13. How does Sancho perform as the new governor?
(a) He tears his new suit.
(b) His common sense astonishes everyone.
(c) He cannot think of any appropriate proverbs.
(d) He makes many bumbling mistakes.

14. What is the moral of the story of the braying town going to war with its neighbors?
(a) Not all war is honorable and glorious.
(b) If you must bray, don't tell anyone.
(c) People should not make fun of people who bray.
(d) People who know how to bray should keep quiet.

15. What does Quixote do when Sancho must leave to assume his governorship?
(a) He gives him good advice for ruling.
(b) He pays Sancho his back wages.
(c) He starts looking for another squire.
(d) He gets angry that he cannot go, too.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the dilemma of the steward?

2. What do Don Quixote and the Duke do that involves the Duenna?

3. What invitation is given Don Quixote and Sancho when they meet two students and two peasants?

4. How is Don Quixote wounded back in the Duke's and Duchess' castle?

5. Who is the unexpected pleasure for Don Quixote in Don Diego's house?

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