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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the Duchess so amused by Sancho Panza?
(a) She sees that Quixote is mad but judges Sancho to be stupid.
(b) She is too kind to object to his speech and behavior.
(c) She wants to help him realize his dreams.
(d) She thinks he is simple and honest.

2. After the feast at Camacho's house, where does Don Quixote want to go?
(a) Back to La Mancha
(b) The cathedral at Madrid
(c) The enchanted castle
(d) The cave of Montesinos

3. Why do Don Quixote and Sancho believe the outlandish tale?
(a) Because Malambruno is supposed to be a clever enchanter.
(b) Because they believe any tale that involves a damsel in distress.
(c) Because the Duke and duchess appear to believe it.
(d) Because they have been drugged during dinner.

4. How does Roque Guinart handle a mutineer among his men?
(a) He banishes him from the band of robbers.
(b) He has him hanged from the nearest tree.
(c) He splits his head with his sword.
(d) He has him horse whipped.

5. What happens to the boat Sancho and Quixote expropriate on the river?
(a) It smashes on the wheel at a mill Quixote imagines is another castle.
(b) It stops in the middle of the river and will not go further.
(c) It goes over the falls.
(d) It is sunk by angry people who own the boat.

6. What does Quixote do when Sancho must leave to assume his governorship?
(a) He gives him good advice for ruling.
(b) He pays Sancho his back wages.
(c) He gets angry that he cannot go, too.
(d) He starts looking for another squire.

7. Who tries early in this second part to get Don Quixote to go home?
(a) The Knight of the Wood and the penitents.
(b) The curate, the barber and the bachelor, Sampson.
(c) The niece, the housekeeper, and Teresa Panza.
(d) The villagers of La Mancha.

8. What is the dilemma of the steward?
(a) He is supposed to help Sancho but he wants to be the governor himself.
(b) He likes Sancho and does not want to go back to the castle.
(c) He thinks Sancho is crazy and he can get rich by using him.
(d) He is supposed to destroy Sancho but he sees the good Sancho is doing.

9. What is a goal of Sancho as he assumes his governorship of his island?
(a) To shut down the gambling houses
(b) To stop boys from dressing like girls
(c) To see that everyone pays taxes
(d) To see that girls stay in the home

10. Who do they meet at the inn who is mentioned in the false book about Don Quixote?
(a) Sancho Panza's cousin
(b) Don Alvaro Tarfe
(c) Don Cardenio
(d) Sampson

11. Where are Quixote and Sancho taken by the ten horsemen?
(a) Back to the castle of the Duke and Duchess
(b) To La Mancha
(c) To the inn that Quixote thinks is a castle
(d) To the galleys

12. How does Quixote continue his tradition of siding with the underdog?
(a) He helps Quiteria escape.
(b) He champions Basilio.
(c) He avenges the peasants.
(d) He teaches the students about knighthood.

13. At the inn, what does Sancho happily observe?
(a) The priest and the barber are waiting there for them.
(b) The page will buy his meal.
(c) This time there is a room for them in the inn.
(d) Don Quixote does not mistake this inn for a castle.

14. How is Don Quixote wounded back in the Duke's and Duchess' castle?
(a) By sparring with the Duke
(b) By falling down the stairs
(c) By cats with bells tied to them
(d) By a spurned young girl

15. With what does Don Quixote accidentally crown himself when he puts on his helmet?
(a) Cooked beef
(b) Hot bread
(c) Raw eggs
(d) Curds

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Sancho Panza brays for the town that brays?

2. What plot does the Duchess hatch against Sancho?

3. Who are the two gentlemen Quixote and Sancho meet in the inn?

4. Who challenges Don Quixote and defeats him?

5. What madness does the puppet show bring on in the mind of Don Quixote?

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