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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does Don Quixote accidentally crown himself when he puts on his helmet?
(a) Curds
(b) Cooked beef
(c) Hot bread
(d) Raw eggs

2. Who is the mysterious Knight of the White Moon?
(a) Sampson
(b) Teresa Panza
(c) Don Antonio
(d) Pedro Perez

3. What is the moral of the story of the braying town going to war with its neighbors?
(a) Not all war is honorable and glorious.
(b) People who know how to bray should keep quiet.
(c) If you must bray, don't tell anyone.
(d) People should not make fun of people who bray.

4. What is the discussion about between Don Diego and Don Quixote?
(a) A comparison of the value of poetry versus the sciences
(b) The current political situation in Spain
(c) The lives of the greatest knights errant
(d) The revival of knight errantry

5. What plot does the Duchess hatch against Sancho?
(a) She plans to send the duenna to Sancho's isle.
(b) She decides to send the same page who played the part of Dulcinea to visit Teresa Panza with Sancho's letter
(c) She tries to seduce Sancho.
(d) She send a letter to Sancho saying that Don Quixote is dying.

6. How does the fake Merlin tell Sancho Panza that the enchantment of Dulcinea can be broken?
(a) He must whip himself 3,300 times on the bare buttocks.
(b) He must ride Dapple into the moat.
(c) He must steal Don Quixote's brass helmet.
(d) He must dress up like a lady in waiting.

7. Finally, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are invited to a real castle. Who invites them?
(a) A prince of the realm
(b) Dona Rodrigquez de Grijalba
(c) A real Duke and Duchess
(d) Camila de Camacho

8. Why is Sancho amazed once again at Don Quixote's vast knowledge?
(a) Quixote knows exactly where they are and how to get to where they are going.
(b) He gives detailed information about Saint George, Saint Martin, Saint James and Saint Paul.
(c) Quixote can anser any question Sancho asks him.
(d) Quixote gives Sancho a science lesson about the moon and stars.

9. After the feast at Camacho's house, where does Don Quixote want to go?
(a) The enchanted castle
(b) The cave of Montesinos
(c) The cathedral at Madrid
(d) Back to La Mancha

10. What social gaff does Sancho make in the castle?
(a) Putting his elbows on the table
(b) Eating with his fingers
(c) Asking the Duchess' Lady in Waiting to stable his ass
(d) Interrupting Don Quixote while he is talking

11. What ruse do Basilio and Quiteria play on the bridegroom, Camacho?
(a) Quiteria marrying Basilio when it appears he is about to die.
(b) Sending another heavily veiled girl in to wed Camacho.
(c) Pretending that Basilio has kidnapped Quiteria.
(d) Telling Camacho that Quiteria is pregnant with Basilio's child.

12. What observation does Sancho Panza make when the steward comes to take him to his governorship?
(a) The steward is the one who plays the part of Countess Trifaldi.
(b) The Duke and Duchess are not there to see him off.
(c) It should be a baron to take him to such a place.
(d) No one has told him where his governorship is.

13. What madness does the puppet show bring on in the mind of Don Quixote?
(a) He believes the puppets are enchanted and need a magician.
(b) He thinks the Moors chasing the Catholic lovers are real and he attacks them.
(c) He jumps on his horse and goes looking for Moors.
(d) He believes the puppets are warning him against a danger.

14. Who is the unexpected pleasure for Don Quixote in Don Diego's house?
(a) Don Diego's beautiful daughter
(b) Don Diego's young wife
(c) Don Diego's personal chef
(d) Don Lorenzo, Don Diego's poet son

15. How does Sancho perform as the new governor?
(a) His common sense astonishes everyone.
(b) He tears his new suit.
(c) He cannot think of any appropriate proverbs.
(d) He makes many bumbling mistakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What humiliation awaits Don Quixote at the castle?

2. What ignoble disaster befalls Don Quixote and Sancho out in the countryside?

3. Why does Sampson's pretend squire leave him?

4. In a scheme to poke fun at Don Quixote and Sancho, who makes an appearance?

5. How is Don Quixote wounded back in the Duke's and Duchess' castle?

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