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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives next to see the famous Don Quixote?
(a) The Duke of Earl
(b) Countess Trifaldi, also called the Doleful Duenna
(c) Queen Guenevere
(d) Sir Lancelot of the Round Table

2. What irritates Don Quixote as he listens to Sancho speak?
(a) His use of homespun proverbs
(b) His rambling on and on without a point
(c) His affected speech
(d) His butting in to Quixote's conversations

3. What one last joke is played on Don Quixote and Sancho before they leave the castle?
(a) They put ants in Don Quixote's armor.
(b) They tie the tails of Dapple and Roxinante together.
(c) They put the Duchess' handkerchief in Sancho's pants pocket.
(d) Altisidora accuses Quixote of stealing her garters.

4. What is the price Don Quixote must pay for his defeat?
(a) He must give Sancho to the knight.
(b) He must return home.
(c) He must become the squire of the Knight of the White Moon.
(d) He must give up Riconante.

5. Why is a substitute used for the man who had been challenged to a duel?
(a) The actual man was a relative of the Duke's.
(b) The substitute was paid a great deal of money.
(c) The actual man had run away to avoid becoming the son-in-law of the Duenna.
(d) The substitute could be easily beaten.

6. Why does Sampson's pretend squire leave him?
(a) Sampson has no money to pay him.
(b) He decides the wants to be the knight himself.
(c) He has become friends with Sancho who will be hurt.
(d) He says Sampson is behaving as mad as Don Quixote.

7. How does the Duke get Sancho to agree to the self flagellation?
(a) Bribing him with a large sum of money
(b) Getting him drunk with summer wine
(c) Fear that he might lose the governorship the Duke promised him
(d) Promising him a new green suit

8. How does Sancho show his lack of pretension?
(a) He rejects being called Don Sancho Panza.
(b) He refuses to sit on a throne.
(c) He wears his everyday clothes.
(d) He talks only to the poor.

9. Why do Don Quixote and Sancho believe the outlandish tale?
(a) Because Malambruno is supposed to be a clever enchanter.
(b) Because they believe any tale that involves a damsel in distress.
(c) Because they have been drugged during dinner.
(d) Because the Duke and duchess appear to believe it.

10. What is a goal of Sancho as he assumes his governorship of his island?
(a) To see that everyone pays taxes
(b) To see that girls stay in the home
(c) To shut down the gambling houses
(d) To stop boys from dressing like girls

11. How does the man with the ape know the names of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza?
(a) He asked the ape to find out for him.
(b) Master Pedro turns out to be Gines de Pasamonte from Volume One
(c) He has read the first volume.
(d) He has a confederate who suppplies him with information.

12. What means of travel does the Duenna say the giant Malambruno will send for them to go to him?
(a) A caravan of white elephant
(b) A large blue bull
(c) A giant wooden, flying horse
(d) A flying carpet

13. What comes back to Sancho from his behavior toward Don Quixote?
(a) Now he has to make all the decisions.
(b) Now people are asking him for money.
(c) Now he has to hear all court cases.
(d) Now people think he is mad.

14. What causes Sancho to resign his post and leave his isle?
(a) A trick some men play on him and call him a turtle
(b) His needing to see Don Quixote
(c) His homesickness
(d) His desire to ride Dapple again

15. Who tries early in this second part to get Don Quixote to go home?
(a) The Knight of the Wood and the penitents.
(b) The niece, the housekeeper, and Teresa Panza.
(c) The villagers of La Mancha.
(d) The curate, the barber and the bachelor, Sampson.

Short Answer Questions

1. What invitation is given Don Quixote and Sancho when they meet two students and two peasants?

2. On their way back to La Mancha, who do Don Quixote and Sancho run across?

3. Who do they meet at the inn who is mentioned in the false book about Don Quixote?

4. What sage thing does Sancho say that astonishes Don Quixote?

5. What do Don Quixote and the Duke do that involves the Duenna?

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