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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Don Quixote believe he has been enchanted in the night as he guards the inn?
(a) He is tricked into being tied by one hand in the barn loft as he stands on the back of Rozinante.
(b) He thinks he sees Dulcinea walking in the moonlight around the inn.
(c) He uses a pitchfork in place of his lance which has been broken to pieces.
(d) He sees giants walking everywhere in the courtyard of the inn.

2. How does Don Quixote get around paying a monthly wage to Sancho Panza?
(a) He pays him with enchanted money that Sancho cannot see.
(b) He turns it around and gets Sancho to pay him a monthly wage.
(c) He says he never read anything like that in his books about knight errantry.
(d) He fires him and starts looking for a replacement.

3. What is the plan to transport Don Quixote back to La Mancha?
(a) He is held in a makeshift cage on back of an oxcart.
(b) He is tricked into leading them to La Mancha because Dulcinea has come there.
(c) He is taken prisoner by the king's horsemen.
(d) He is ited to the back of his horse and led to La Mancha.

4. What unlikely group of men does Don Quixote set free and enjoin them to go tell Dulcinea of their release?
(a) A group of Christians captured by the Moors
(b) A group of actors rehearsing for a play
(c) A group of soldiers on military training
(d) A group of criminals being taken to the galleys

5. What is Sancho's plan to deceive Don Quixote about the Lady Dulcinea?
(a) He tells Quixote that Dulcinea has been enchanted and will only be seen as a peasant girl.
(b) He says that the Lady Dulcinea's father has locked her away in a tower somewhere in the north.
(c) He says that the Lady Dulcinea is currently in a convent preparing for her marriage to Quixote.
(d) He tells Quixote that the Lady Dulcinea has left the village and gone to the inn to look for him.

6. What secret does Don Fernando confide to Cardenio?
(a) Many sexual experiences with poor girls in his village
(b) That some girl's father is trying to kill him.
(c) An affair with a farmer's daughter he promised to marry
(d) An illegitimate child by a farmer's daughter

7. What symbolism does Cervantes use to express the closeness of Quixote and Sancho?
(a) The common belief in enchantment
(b) The sun and the moon
(c) The closeness of Dapple and Rozinante
(d) The Knight of the Wood and his squire

8. What stops the melee at the inn in the middle of the night?
(a) Don Quixote's bed falls through the floor into the room below.
(b) An officer of the Holy Brotherhood believes that Don Quixote is dead.
(c) The inn catches on fire.
(d) The police arrive and break up the fighting.

9. What device does Cervantes use to introduce the comedic nature of Don Quixote?
(a) A gypsy fortune teller
(b) Talking animals
(c) A dream sequence
(d) Silly advice from a friend

10. What shows Sancho Panza's simple mind as he meets up with the barber and the curate at the inn?
(a) He forgets where he left Don Quixote.
(b) He has forgotten to bring the letter Quixote wrote to Dulcinea.
(c) He refuses to give them any information about Don Quixote.
(d) He now believes the inn is an enchanted castle.

11. How does Cervantes plan to see that no further writing is done regarding Don Quixote de La Mancha?
(a) By allowing only a select few people to see his work.
(b) By getting a legal restraining order.
(c) By seeing him dead and buried at the end of Part Two.
(d) By writing the rest of the books in code.

12. How do the niece and housekeeper rationalize the disappearance of Don Quixote's books?
(a) They blame the curate.
(b) They make Don Quixote believe he gave them away.
(c) They blame an enchanter.
(d) They blame the rats.

13. How do they manage to escape the Moorish land and take Zoraida with them?
(a) They manage to rob the cruel Moor who is their master.
(b) They are freed in a raid by spanish troops.
(c) Zoraida's father learns of her desire to go to a Christian country and helps them.
(d) She gives them enough money to ransom themselves and buy a boat.

14. What is the story of the mule driver with the beautiful voice?
(a) He is one of the escaped criminals the king is looking for.
(b) He is a poor poy who is pining away for love of clara.
(c) He is a prince who has fallen in love with a commoner.
(d) He is the son of a wealthy man who is in love with the judge's daughter.

15. The niece, the housekeeper, the curate and the barber all agree on what as the cause of Don Quixote's madness?
(a) His poor diet
(b) The cheap wine he has been drinking
(c) His extreme old age
(d) His vast collection of books

Short Answer Questions

1. These early adventures of Don Quixote establish what theme that runs throughout the novel?

2. What is the challenge to knight errantry presented to Don Quixote by Vivaldo?

3. What constantly overcomes Sancho Panza's skepticism about Don Quixote?

4. What makes Sancho Panza drop his demand for a salary?

5. In the night, Don Quixote attacks what Sancho fears to be twenty or more ghosts. Why is he victorious?

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