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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What constantly overcomes Sancho Panza's skepticism about Don Quixote?
(a) Quixote's balm which can cure anything
(b) The promise of an island to rule
(c) Sancho begins to see castles too.
(d) The real things Don Quixote does.

2. What stops the melee at the inn in the middle of the night?
(a) Don Quixote's bed falls through the floor into the room below.
(b) The police arrive and break up the fighting.
(c) An officer of the Holy Brotherhood believes that Don Quixote is dead.
(d) The inn catches on fire.

3. How does Sancho trick Don Quixote into waiting until morning to investigate the clanking sound?
(a) He points Rocinante in the wrong direction.
(b) He puts a sleeping powder into Don Quixote's wine.
(c) He ties Rocinante's back legs together.
(d) He loosens Quixote's saddles so it falls off.

4. In yet another coincidence, what happens when a learned judge arrives at the inn with his beautiful daughter?
(a) The Captive Captain recognizes the judge as his brother.
(b) The girl turns out to be Zoraida's long lost sister.
(c) The judge is looking for some escaped criminals.
(d) The judge has come to take Don Quixote back to La Mancha.

5. What is the canon's opinion of the chivalric tales?
(a) He thinks they should be read by all educated people.
(b) He says that he has never read one of them.
(c) He hopes they will restore chivalry to the world.
(d) He says that the so-called books of chivalry are most harmful to the commonwealth.

6. What unlikely group of men does Don Quixote set free and enjoin them to go tell Dulcinea of their release?
(a) A group of Christians captured by the Moors
(b) A group of criminals being taken to the galleys
(c) A group of actors rehearsing for a play
(d) A group of soldiers on military training

7. How do they manage to escape the Moorish land and take Zoraida with them?
(a) Zoraida's father learns of her desire to go to a Christian country and helps them.
(b) They manage to rob the cruel Moor who is their master.
(c) She gives them enough money to ransom themselves and buy a boat.
(d) They are freed in a raid by spanish troops.

8. What happens to Camilla, Anselmo, and Lothario at the end of the tale within the tale?
(a) Anselmo dies and Lothario and Camilla marry.
(b) Lothario and Anselmo join the army and Camilla becomes a nun.
(c) They all die.
(d) They all kiss and make up.

9. What is Sancho's plan to deceive Don Quixote about the Lady Dulcinea?
(a) He tells Quixote that the Lady Dulcinea has left the village and gone to the inn to look for him.
(b) He says that the Lady Dulcinea is currently in a convent preparing for her marriage to Quixote.
(c) He says that the Lady Dulcinea's father has locked her away in a tower somewhere in the north.
(d) He tells Quixote that Dulcinea has been enchanted and will only be seen as a peasant girl.

10. What is Cervantes' complaint in the prologue to the second part of The Adventures of Don Quixote?
(a) That he is being forced to write a second part to satisfy royalty.
(b) That the first part is really enough except for the public demand for more.
(c) That some writer had written a second part plagirizing the character of Don Quixote.
(d) That he has made no money off of the first part already in circulation.

11. After the beating by the carriers, what does Sancho request that Don Quixote cannot supply?
(a) Wine to numb his pain
(b) Fierabras balm that Quixote had said would cure anything.
(c) A suit of armor to protect him against future beatings
(d) Money so that he can return home

12. When Sancho tells his wife, Teresa, that he is going again with Don Quixote, what advice does Teresa give?
(a) To remain in his own station and not think of governorships.
(b) That he should break his leg and get out of going with the madman.
(c) That this time he will surely die.
(d) That he must come home with another 100 crowns or not come home at all.

13. What happens when Dapple is taken by the actors?
(a) Dapple falls in love with a horse that is pulling the actors' wagon.
(b) Don Quixote will do nothing because they are common people.
(c) Once again, Sancho Panza is forced to walk.
(d) Dapple throws the actor on his back and returns to Sancho Panza.

14. How does Don Quixote believe he has been enchanted in the night as he guards the inn?
(a) He sees giants walking everywhere in the courtyard of the inn.
(b) He uses a pitchfork in place of his lance which has been broken to pieces.
(c) He thinks he sees Dulcinea walking in the moonlight around the inn.
(d) He is tricked into being tied by one hand in the barn loft as he stands on the back of Rozinante.

15. What characteristic do Quixote and the innkeeper share as observed by Dorothea and Cardenio?
(a) They both love the books of chivalry and believe them to be true.
(b) They are both fond of money and use tricks to get it.
(c) They both love fighting with uneducated people.
(d) They are about the same age, height, and build.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the innkeeper use as a holy book of heraldry in the knighthood ceremony?

2. In reality, what are the thirty or forty hulking giants Don Quixote attacks only to get seriously injured again?

3. What is the irony when Don Quixote speaks to a group of people?

4. What is Don Quixote's explanation for the way the people at the inn toss Sancho into the air from a blanket?

5. What device does Cervantes use to introduce the comedic nature of Don Quixote?

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