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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 47 | Part 2, Chapter 48 | Part 2, Chapter 49 | Part 2, Chapter 50.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Don Quixote and Sancho go into the village the next morning, what is their problem?
(a) Neither of them has ever seen Dulcinea and they do not know where to find her.
(b) Dulcinea is in the village selling wheat but they do not recognize her.
(c) The priest at the church thinks they are up to no good and refuses to tell them where to find Dulcinea.
(d) Dulcinea has traveled to Madrid to visit the Queen.

2. Back in the castle what happens with Quixote and Dona Rodriguez?
(a) He begins to think she is not a bad person after all.
(b) Quixote keeps his head under the sheets so the Dona will not see his wounds.
(c) She brings many distasteful things for him to eat.
(d) The lights go out and they are slapped and pinched in the darkness.

3. What does the canon think about drama of his day?
(a) The plays that are staged nowadays are mirrors of absurdity, patterns of folly, and images of lewdness.
(b) Plays are educational to those who cannot read books.
(c) Plays are a reflection of real life and teach valuable morals.
(d) The plays staged at his time are worthy of high praise.

4. What happens to Camilla, Anselmo, and Lothario at the end of the tale within the tale?
(a) Anselmo dies and Lothario and Camilla marry.
(b) They all die.
(c) Lothario and Anselmo join the army and Camilla becomes a nun.
(d) They all kiss and make up.

5. In the night, Don Quixote attacks what Sancho fears to be twenty or more ghosts. Why is he victorious?
(a) They think Don Quixote and Sancho are ghosts.
(b) They think there are many men attacking them.
(c) They cannot see well in the darkness.
(d) They are mourners taking a body to Segovia and are unarmed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In yet another tale within the tale, who does the captive captain contrive to rescue?

2. Andres, the boy Don Quixote saves from a beating in his early adventures, shows up and tells Quixote never to help him again. Why?

3. What does the innkeeper use as a holy book of heraldry in the knighthood ceremony?

4. What is the plan to transport Don Quixote back to La Mancha?

5. With what does Don Quixote accidentally crown himself when he puts on his helmet?

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