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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 3 | Part 2, Chapter 4 | Part 2, Chapter 5 | Part 2, Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Don Quixote's explanation for the way the people at the inn toss Sancho into the air from a blanket?
(a) Sancho had it coming to him.
(b) They had fun with Sancho because they could not do that to a knight errant.
(c) Sancho allowed it to happen so Don Quixote could escape.
(d) The castle is enchanted.

2. What is Marcela's argument that she is not responsible for the death of Chrysostom?
(a) Her beauty does not obligate her to love those who love her for it.
(b) She knows nothing of Chrysostom's fixation on her.
(c) She has warned Chrysostom to leave her alone and find another girl.
(d) She does not know how a nobleman can waste away for a shepherdess.

3. What does the innkeeper use as a holy book of heraldry in the knighthood ceremony?
(a) His ledger book
(b) A Bible
(c) A catalogue
(d) An old book of chivalry

4. What stops the melee at the inn in the middle of the night?
(a) An officer of the Holy Brotherhood believes that Don Quixote is dead.
(b) Don Quixote's bed falls through the floor into the room below.
(c) The police arrive and break up the fighting.
(d) The inn catches on fire.

5. What literary device is introduced in Chapter nine that helps move the story along and give it credence?
(a) A narrator is introduced who discovers an old manuscript about Don Quixote.
(b) Lengthy poetic renditions are added to give the story more authenticity.
(c) A sage is found to travel with Don Quixote and write down his adventures.
(d) A parallel is drawn between Don Quixote and King Arthur.

Short Answer Questions

1. What characteristic do Quixote and the innkeeper share as observed by Dorothea and Cardenio?

2. What is the gist of the goatherd's tale?

3. What happens to Sancho Panza when he drinks Don Quixote's balm of wine, oil, salt and rosemary?

4. What is Cervantes' complaint in the prologue to the second part of The Adventures of Don Quixote?

5. Who comes to inform Don Quixote of the book that has been written about him?

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