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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 3 | Part 2, Chapter 4 | Part 2, Chapter 5 | Part 2, Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What secret does Don Fernando confide to Cardenio?
(a) Many sexual experiences with poor girls in his village
(b) An illegitimate child by a farmer's daughter
(c) An affair with a farmer's daughter he promised to marry
(d) That some girl's father is trying to kill him.

2. Why does Sancho Panza continue to insist that Don Quixote is not enchanted?
(a) Because Quixote understands that he is in a cage.
(b) Because Don Quixote complains of hunger.
(c) Because he heard the demons talking about stopping to eat.
(d) Because Quixote needs to relieve himself.

3. How does Sancho trick Don Quixote into waiting until morning to investigate the clanking sound?
(a) He ties Rocinante's back legs together.
(b) He loosens Quixote's saddles so it falls off.
(c) He puts a sleeping powder into Don Quixote's wine.
(d) He points Rocinante in the wrong direction.

4. What is Don Quixote's explanation for the way the people at the inn toss Sancho into the air from a blanket?
(a) The castle is enchanted.
(b) Sancho allowed it to happen so Don Quixote could escape.
(c) They had fun with Sancho because they could not do that to a knight errant.
(d) Sancho had it coming to him.

5. Who comes to inform Don Quixote of the book that has been written about him?
(a) The canon
(b) The mayor of La Mancha
(c) The mischevious student Sampson
(d) Juana Panza

Short Answer Questions

1. As Don Quixote and Sancho Panza look for water in the night, what spooks them?

2. What is the canon's opinion of the chivalric tales?

3. What is the giant that Don Quixote attacks in his sleep?

4. What coincidence does Cervantes use to untangle some of the plot in Chapter 36?

5. What does the imagery of the Golden Age represent to Don Quixote?

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