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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 3 | Part 2, Chapter 4 | Part 2, Chapter 5 | Part 2, Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do they manage to escape the Moorish land and take Zoraida with them?
(a) Zoraida's father learns of her desire to go to a Christian country and helps them.
(b) She gives them enough money to ransom themselves and buy a boat.
(c) They are freed in a raid by spanish troops.
(d) They manage to rob the cruel Moor who is their master.

2. During the visit of the curate and the barber, why is there a commotion outside Don Quixote's door?
(a) The innkeeper has come to try and collect his money.
(b) Don Quixote's horse has come into the house.
(c) The women are trying to prevent Sancho Panza from entering.
(d) The village people have come, uspet about the latest book.

3. Who has dinner with Don Quixote after Sancho Panza goes home?
(a) The barber and the priest
(b) The mischevious student Sampson
(c) The mayor of La Mancha
(d) His housekeeper and his niece

4. How does Don Quixote receive his knighthood?
(a) From Dulcinea del Toboso
(b) From the innkeeper he imagines as Lord of a great castle
(c) From a passing knight errant
(d) From the prostitutes he imagines as great ladies

5. How does Don Quixote believe he has been enchanted in the night as he guards the inn?
(a) He uses a pitchfork in place of his lance which has been broken to pieces.
(b) He sees giants walking everywhere in the courtyard of the inn.
(c) He thinks he sees Dulcinea walking in the moonlight around the inn.
(d) He is tricked into being tied by one hand in the barn loft as he stands on the back of Rozinante.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the story of the mule driver with the beautiful voice?

2. How can the first of Don Quixote's adventures be described?

3. Who judges the basin to be a helmet, though incomplete?

4. As Dorothea tells her story, what does Cardenio suddenly realize?

5. What happens to Sancho Panza when he drinks Don Quixote's balm of wine, oil, salt and rosemary?

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