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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 48 | Part 1, Chapter 49 | Part 1, Chapter 50 | Part 1, Chapter 51.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the protagonist slip into the fantasy world of Don Quixote de la Mancha?
(a) From the natural deteriorization of old age dementia
(b) From reading books and poems involving knights, chivalry,and adventure
(c) From listening to children's fairy tales
(d) From a blow to his head when he falls off his horse

2. Why does Sancho Panza continue to insist that Don Quixote is not enchanted?
(a) Because Don Quixote complains of hunger.
(b) Because Quixote needs to relieve himself.
(c) Because Quixote understands that he is in a cage.
(d) Because he heard the demons talking about stopping to eat.

3. What coincidence does Cervantes use to untangle some of the plot in Chapter 36?
(a) Don Fernando is attacked by highwaymen and brought to the inn.
(b) Lucinda and Don Fernando show up at the inn.
(c) Don Quixote comes to his senses and decides to go home.
(d) Cardenio finds Lucinda hiding in the stable.

4. What is the canon's opinion of the chivalric tales?
(a) He thinks they should be read by all educated people.
(b) He hopes they will restore chivalry to the world.
(c) He says that the so-called books of chivalry are most harmful to the commonwealth.
(d) He says that he has never read one of them.

5. In the night, Don Quixote attacks what Sancho fears to be twenty or more ghosts. Why is he victorious?
(a) They are mourners taking a body to Segovia and are unarmed.
(b) They think there are many men attacking them.
(c) They think Don Quixote and Sancho are ghosts.
(d) They cannot see well in the darkness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Found lying on the ground and severely wounded, where is Don Quixote taken by a neighbor?

2. What stops the melee at the inn in the middle of the night?

3. What is the challenge to knight errantry presented to Don Quixote by Vivaldo?

4. How does Sancho Panza regain Dapple?

5. What is the gist of the goatherd's tale?

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