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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 48 | Part 1, Chapter 49 | Part 1, Chapter 50 | Part 1, Chapter 51.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the canon's opinion of the chivalric tales?
(a) He thinks they should be read by all educated people.
(b) He says that the so-called books of chivalry are most harmful to the commonwealth.
(c) He hopes they will restore chivalry to the world.
(d) He says that he has never read one of them.

2. What unlikely group of men does Don Quixote set free and enjoin them to go tell Dulcinea of their release?
(a) A group of soldiers on military training
(b) A group of Christians captured by the Moors
(c) A group of actors rehearsing for a play
(d) A group of criminals being taken to the galleys

3. What kind of reception does Don Quixote receive from the goatherds?
(a) He is welcomed, fed, entertained and medicated.
(b) The goatherds fear him because he is mad.
(c) He is set upon to see if he has money.
(d) The goarherds laugh at him and send him away.

4. How does the protagonist slip into the fantasy world of Don Quixote de la Mancha?
(a) From reading books and poems involving knights, chivalry,and adventure
(b) From the natural deteriorization of old age dementia
(c) From a blow to his head when he falls off his horse
(d) From listening to children's fairy tales

5. In the goatherd's tale, who is Marcella?
(a) The milkmaid who marries a king.
(b) The princess of El Toboso.
(c) The daughter of a wealthy man who begins acting as a shepherdess.
(d) A cruel murderess.

Short Answer Questions

1. What characteristic do Quixote and the innkeeper share as observed by Dorothea and Cardenio?

2. In reality, what are the thirty or forty hulking giants Don Quixote attacks only to get seriously injured again?

3. What coincidence does Cervantes use to untangle some of the plot in Chapter 36?

4. When Don Quixote sets out again on adventures, who does he take with him?

5. How does Sancho trick Don Quixote into waiting until morning to investigate the clanking sound?

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