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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 3 | Part 2, Chapter 4 | Part 2, Chapter 5 | Part 2, Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dorothea get Don Quixote to leave the mountain and travel with her, the curate, the barber, Sancho and Cardenio?
(a) By reading aloud from a book of chivalry each night.
(b) By pretending to be the sister of the Lady Dulcinea.
(c) By pretending to be a Queen driven from her country by evil giants.
(d) By promising to marry him if he gets her home safely.

2. When Sancho tells his wife, Teresa, that he is going again with Don Quixote, what advice does Teresa give?
(a) That he should break his leg and get out of going with the madman.
(b) That he must come home with another 100 crowns or not come home at all.
(c) That this time he will surely die.
(d) To remain in his own station and not think of governorships.

3. How does Don Quixote believe he has been enchanted in the night as he guards the inn?
(a) He sees giants walking everywhere in the courtyard of the inn.
(b) He thinks he sees Dulcinea walking in the moonlight around the inn.
(c) He uses a pitchfork in place of his lance which has been broken to pieces.
(d) He is tricked into being tied by one hand in the barn loft as he stands on the back of Rozinante.

4. What shows Sancho Panza's simple mind as he meets up with the barber and the curate at the inn?
(a) He forgets where he left Don Quixote.
(b) He now believes the inn is an enchanted castle.
(c) He refuses to give them any information about Don Quixote.
(d) He has forgotten to bring the letter Quixote wrote to Dulcinea.

5. What is Cervantes' complaint in the prologue to the second part of The Adventures of Don Quixote?
(a) That he is being forced to write a second part to satisfy royalty.
(b) That some writer had written a second part plagirizing the character of Don Quixote.
(c) That the first part is really enough except for the public demand for more.
(d) That he has made no money off of the first part already in circulation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What argument does the niece use to try and get her uncle to stay home?

2. How do the curate and the barber plan to get Quixote to return with them to La Mancha?

3. How can the first of Don Quixote's adventures be described?

4. What coincidence does Cervantes use to untangle some of the plot in Chapter 36?

5. What characteristic do Quixote and the innkeeper share as observed by Dorothea and Cardenio?

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