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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 51 | Part 2, Chapter 52 | Part 2, Chapter 53 | Part 2, Chapter 54.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the Duchess so amused by Sancho Panza?
(a) She is too kind to object to his speech and behavior.
(b) She thinks he is simple and honest.
(c) She sees that Quixote is mad but judges Sancho to be stupid.
(d) She wants to help him realize his dreams.

2. How does Don Quixote get around paying a monthly wage to Sancho Panza?
(a) He pays him with enchanted money that Sancho cannot see.
(b) He fires him and starts looking for a replacement.
(c) He says he never read anything like that in his books about knight errantry.
(d) He turns it around and gets Sancho to pay him a monthly wage.

3. What does Don Quixote imagine to be the legendary helmet of Mambrino?
(a) A tea kettle
(b) A mop bucket
(c) A gravy boat
(d) A brass barber's bowl

4. What happens as they ride up to meet a Duchess and a Duke?
(a) They make fools of themselves falling off their mounts.
(b) They knock over the tent where the Duke and Duchess are sitting.
(c) They allow Dapple and Rozinante to eat from the table.
(d) Don Quixote see them as evil rulers.

5. What does Sancho do in response to Don Quixote's suggestion?
(a) He raises taxes and builds schools.
(b) He gives lots of banquets for the wealthy.
(c) He invites all knights errant to come to the island.
(d) He minds the poor and makes good and just laws, but not too many.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Quixote continue his tradition of siding with the underdog?

2. When everyone else leaves the table, where does Sancho go?

3. What does Quixote do when Sancho must leave to assume his governorship?

4. The niece, the housekeeper, the curate and the barber all agree on what as the cause of Don Quixote's madness?

5. What is the irony of Sancho's coming into political power?

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