Objects & Places from Don Quixote

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La Mancha - Don Quixote's home town.

Books of chivalry/knight errantry - Don Quixote sells off part of his estate to purchase these for his library.

Helmet - Don Quixote's first one is a dilapidated hand-me-down from his grandfather and is destroyed in a fight. He later replaces it with a barber's bowl.

Shield - Protection carried by a knight.

Island - What Sancho Panza is promised if he comes along as Don Quixote's squire.

Suit of Armor - Special clothing for knights only

Balsam of Fierabras - Legendary ointment reported to cure all knight errant injuries.

Lance - Long, sharp weapon carried by a knight

Windmills - Among the first of Don Quixote's giants

The leather bag - Spoils of war containing 50 gold crowns given to Sancho Panza

Donkey tail - Used as a beard to disguise the barber.

Cage - Don Quixote's method of...

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