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Joseph D. Pistone
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Pistone's supervisor who worked on setting up the undercover operation?

2. What did Patsy demand to know from Brasco in Chapter 6?

3. What had Brasco still not told his wife in Chapter 8?

4. Who is the undercover agent who helps Brasco establish some identity around town?

5. How did Lefty feel about teaching Brasco about the Mafia?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some of the things that Pistone had to do to become Donnie Brasco?

2. What was the double tragedy Pistone faced on the day his wife was in a car accident?

3. How did Pistone make a guy named Patsy angry regarding a stolen diamond ring?

4. What did the FBI have to do to get rid of any trace of Pistone for his safety?

5. Describe how Lefty took Pistone under his wing both professionally and personally.

6. What were the circumstances in which Pistone was able to get Lefty involved in the vending machine racket in Milwaukee?

7. Describe the situation in which Frankie and Patsy questioned Pistone's credibility.

8. What did Pistone think was critical about being an undercover agent?

9. Why was the relationship with Lefty an advantageous one for Pistone?

10. Why did Pistone think it would be a good idea to concentrate more of his time on the Bonanno family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the concept of loneliness as it exhibits in the book. Why would mobsters have a lonely life even though it may have seemed exciting and glamorous to other people? Why would Mrs. Pistone have had an especially lonely life being the wife of Joe Pistone? Explain the loneliness and the methods and attempts to overcome it.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the significance of the book's title. What does Pistone mean by calling it DONNIE BRASCO? What is he trying to emphasize with this emphatic style? Suggest three alternate titles for this book with supporting rationale for each one.

Essay Topic 3

Create a character study of Sonny. What were his physical characteristics? What were his motivations? What were his fears? What were his dreams? What else can you say about Sonny?

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