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Joseph D. Pistone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Patsy demand to know from Brasco in Chapter 6?
(a) Money from the last job.
(b) The name of someone in Florida who could vouch for him.
(c) Guns from the heist.
(d) His home address.

2. Brasco agrees to stay in _______________ on Lefty's wishes.
(a) Detroit.
(b) Miami.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Milwaukee.

3. Who told Lefty that he thought he was being followed and someone was going to kill him?
(a) Conti.
(b) Brasco.
(c) Abilone.
(d) Dirocco.

4. Why were Pistone and his family in protective custody?
(a) There was a hit out on Pistone.
(b) Pistone needed some specialized training.
(c) Pistone wanted time alone with his family.
(d) Pistone needed some time to rest.

5. The Bonannos brought Sicilians to town to _____________________.
(a) help move drugs.
(b) run a new gambling ring.
(c) work as bodyguards.
(d) set up a prostitution ring.

6. Who tells Frankie and Patsy to never question Brasco?
(a) Bull.
(b) Lefty.
(c) Guido.
(d) Tony.

7. Brasco tried to get Lefty hooked up with another FBI undercover agent into ____________________ in Milwaukee.
(a) the liquor racket.
(b) the drug racket.
(c) the vending machine racket.
(d) the prostitution racket.

8. Why does Pistone have trouble opening a bank account as Donnie Brasco?
(a) He has no banking history.
(b) He doesn't have a deposit.
(c) His credit record is bad.
(d) He doesn't have a photo I.D.

9. Brasco's work with Lefty turned up ____________________.
(a) lots of dead bodies.
(b) prostitution rings.
(c) lots of useful information for the FBI.
(d) drug stashes.

10. To whom was Brasco introduced during this time?
(a) Sam Gravano.
(b) Tony Mirra.
(c) Tony Bonini.
(d) Ace Corleone.

11. What did Brasco do that his family was not happy about?
(a) Acted as bodyguard for Lefty.
(b) Had the FBI move them.
(c) Moved to Arizona.
(d) Went overseas for a year.

12. Brasco was glad that Lefty got interested in what business in Milwaukee?
(a) Gambling.
(b) Prostitution.
(c) Drug.
(d) Vending machine.

13. For what reasons was Tommy arrested?
(a) Robbery and shooting at cops.
(b) Robbery and gambling.
(c) Drug dealing and prostitution.
(d) Gambling and prostitution.

14. Why did Brasco spend time hanging around with Jilly's crew?
(a) To learn their merchandise pick-up points.
(b) To let them get comfortable with him.
(c) To take over the routes.
(d) To manage the store.

15. Who did Jilly answer to after his promotion?
(a) Charlie Moose.
(b) Jerry Soprano.
(c) Eddie Two Times.
(d) Sam Spade.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jilly owned a store that fenced what type of items?

2. Pistone's first undercover job was _____________________.

3. How much time did Brasco get to spend with his family on his first Christmas undercover?

4. To which crime family did the man in #34 belong?

5. Which Mafia controlled Milwaukee?

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