Objects & Places from Donnie Brasco

Joseph D. Pistone
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Jacksonville, FL

This is where Pistone is first assigned after entering the FBI. He spends eighteen months working here with the vice cops.

Alexandria, VA

Pistone transfers here after he leaves Jacksonville. He lives here for four years.

New York City, NY

In 1974, Pistone is transferred here and this is where he begins his undercover work with the Mafia.


In the beginning of the Mafia operation, Pistone frequents this bar to lay the ground work for his cover as Brasco.


This is the bar where Pistone meets Mirra.


This store is a front for Jilly and his crew's fencing operation and they sell some of the stolen merchandise in this store.

Lefty's Club

No name is given for this club, but it is a social club on Madison Street in Little Italy.

Motion Lounge

It is a private club where Sonny and his crew hang...

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