Donnie Brasco Character Descriptions

Joseph D. Pistone
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Joseph D. Pistone

He spends six years of his life undercover inside the Mafia world to help bring to justice several heads of the Mafia families.

Benjamin Ruggiero

He owns a social club in Little Italy, where the members of the Bonanno family hang out, play cards and make bets.

Dominick Napolitano

He has a place called the Motion Lounge with a pigeon coop on the roof and an apartment on the top floor.

Agent Anthony Rossi

He is the undercover agent out of Florida who works closely with Pistone during the last year of the operation.

Jilly Greca

He is the owner of the ACERG store and is the first wise guy that Pistone hooks up with in his undercover role as Donnie Brasco.

Guy Bereda

He is Pistone's supervisor during the Donnie Brasco operation.

Joe Fitzgerald

He is an undercover agent with the FBI in Miami...

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