Donnie Brasco Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Joseph D. Pistone
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Chapter 1 -5

• FBI agent Joe Pistone recalls the six years he spend undercover in the Mafia, posing as a jewel thief named Donnie Brasco.

• Pistone testifies against the mobsters who once called him their friend but now have hit out on him and his family.

• Some of the mobsters also have hits on themselves for bringing Pistone into the mob families.

• In the end, with Pistone's testimonies, the heads of all the mob families are indicted, jailed or dead.

• Pistone and his family are now living in a secret location and no one can know who he was or what he has done.
• Pistone worked in several different FBI offices before being moved to New York where he would go undercover as Donnie Brasco.

• Pistone's supervisor, Guy Berada, also put another agent, Joe Fitz, in place in Florida.

• The FBI destroyed any evidence of Pistone so that there...

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