Objects & Places from Dominicana

Angie Cruz
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This is a legal union between a man and a woman. In the novel, it symbolizes youth ending prematurely.


This is when someone hurts another person and is what Juan did to Ana. It symbolizes patriarchy.


This is when a woman is expecting a child. It symbolizes responsibility and maturity.

Food Sales

This is something that Ana does to make money. It symbolizes achieving independence.

English Lessons

These are classes Ana takes to learn to speak a language. They symbol adjusting to new circumstances.


These are things that Ana does with Cesar. They represent adventure.

Political Instability

This is an issue in the Dominican Republic. It symbolizes the challenges of balancing personal life and government.


These are given to Ana at her first pregnancy checkup. They symbolize knowledge and safety.


This is where Cesar goes to make a home for him and...

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