Dominicana Character Descriptions

Angie Cruz
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Ana Cancion

This character is a teenager from the Dominican Republic. She marries a man nearly twice her age and moves to New York with him.

Juan Ruiz

This character is in his 30s and spends his time between being home in the Dominican Republic and working in New York. He marries a girl half his age and abuses her.

César Ruiz

This character is from the Dominican Republic and has 3 older brothers. He works in a factory.


This character is married and has four children and two nieces living with her.


This character is a Dominican woman who lives in New York. She borrows money and gives a wedding ring as collateral.


This character is married and has four children and two foster children. He works as a farmer.


This character has a sister and two brothers. She falls in love with a...

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