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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Doctor Rank jealous of Mrs. Linde?

2. What does Nora say, when Torvald asks if she knows what's in the letter?

3. What does Torvald call Nora's explanation?

4. What does Torvald say about Mrs. Linde after she leaves?

5. What are Doctor Rank's feelings towards Nora?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Mrs. Linde's reaction when Krogstad offers to ask Torvald for his letter back?

2. Describe how Nora dances the Tarantella and Torvald's reaction.

3. Describe Rank's ideas of costumes for himself and Nora at the next fancy dress ball.

4. What does Torvald play on the piano?

5. What fantasy does Torvald say he has about his wife when he's bringing her home from a party?

6. Why does Krogstad say it would be useless for Nora to kill herself?

7. Why does Helmer say he prefers embroidery to knitting?

8. What does Krogstad want most?

9. Describe Torvald's reaction to Nora's wrongdoing.

10. What is the significance of Nora calling for the lamp?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the play, the characters are often self-interested and even self-absorbed. Discuss selfishness in the play.

1) In what ways is Nora self-centered and self-absorbed? How does she view other people's problems? How does she view her own problems and priorities?

2) In what ways is Torvald self-centered and self-absorbed? How does he respond to Krogstad's letter when he thinks it will ruin him? Who is he most concerned about and why? Why does he feel the need to impose his own views on his wife?

3) In what ways are other characters, like Doctor Rank, Mrs. Linde, and Krogstad, self-centered? How does self-interest shape society?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the definition of marriage in the play.

1) What is Nora's idea of marriage? How does her idea of marriage change throughout the play, and what does she mean by the true wedlock she wishes for at the end of the play?

2) What is Mrs. Linde's idea of marriage? What did her former marriage mean to her, and how is it different from her proposed union with Krogstad?

3) What is Torvald's idea of marriage? How does he define his relationship with Nora?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the meaning of money to the characters in the play.

1) Why is money important to Nora? What does money mean to her? Why does she want money, and how does she feel about it? Where does money fit in Nora's hierarchy of priorities?

2) What does money mean to Torvald? Why is he happy to have his new job? In what ways does he expect money to improve his life? Where does money fit in Torvald's hierarchy of priorities?

3) How do Nora and Torvald view borrowing, and why?

4) How does Mrs. Linde view money, and why does she marry her first husband for financial reasons?

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