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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Nora's reaction when Doctor Rank tells her his feelings?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She is happy.
(c) She begins to cry.
(d) She is upset but pretends to be happy.

2. What does Nora tell Torvald to do, after they've discussed Doctor Rank's impending death?
(a) leave the mail until the morning
(b) toss the mail into the fire
(c) read the rest of the mail
(d) give her the mail to put on his desk

3. What does Nora say will happen when she's "out of the way"?
(a) Tovald will forgive her.
(b) Torvald will be sorry.
(c) Tovald will be free.
(d) Torvald will see her love.

4. What does Krogstad say he has in his pocket?
(a) a letter for Torvald
(b) a confession to his own forgery
(c) a letter that will clear her of wrongdoing
(d) the bond

5. Does Nora want to come home from the dance after the Tarantella?
(a) Yes, she and Torvald leave together.
(b) Yes, she runs home without Torvald.
(c) No, she stays at the dance.
(d) No, but Torvald drags her downstairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stops Torvald from coming into the room?

2. Who does Krogstad intend to tell about the bond?

3. What does Torvald do with the bond when he receives it?

4. Why doesn't Doctor Rank want Torvald in his sickroom?

5. How much money does Krogstad say he will ask Torvald for?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Torvald want Nora to do, to "hush up' the incident?

2. How does Torvald respond to Nora's suggestion that she will soon be "out of the way"?

3. What is Mrs. Linde's reaction when Krogstad offers to ask Torvald for his letter back?

4. What does Torvald play on the piano?

5. Why can't Nora ask Doctor Rank for help, after he tells her his feelings?

6. What is Nora's reaction when the maid hands her the card from whoever has arrived at the door?

7. Why does Helmer say he prefers embroidery to knitting?

8. What fantasy does Torvald say he has about his wife when he's bringing her home from a party?

9. What excuse does Nora make, so she doesn't have to explain the favor she wanted?

10. What does Nora ask Doctor Rank to do for her, after the maid gives Nora the card?

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