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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What evidence does Doctor Rank believe supports his jealousy?
(a) Mrs. Linde is in the house as he's speaking.
(b) Mrs. Linde is Nora's childhood friend.
(c) Mrs. Linde has gotten a job at the bank.
(d) Mrs. Linde was critical of Doctor Rank.

2. What reason does Mrs. Linde give for being at the Helmers' apartment?
(a) She says she wants to loan Nora a book.
(b) She says she forgot a purse last time she visited.
(c) She says she's been doing some sewing for Nora.
(d) She says she's waiting to see Nora's dress.

3. What sign tells Mrs. Linde that the Helmers will be returning soon?
(a) She hears a toast.
(b) She hears the clock strike midnight.
(c) She sees a light in the upstairs window.
(d) She hears the Tarantella upstairs.

4. What does Rank say he will send Nora, when he knows he is about to die?
(a) a card with a black angel
(b) a card with a black border
(c) a card with a black star
(d) a card with a black cross

5. What confuses Rank about Nora's behavior?
(a) Nora is always upset at the slightest, most insignificant thing.
(b) Nora seems to enjoy being with him more than with Torvald.
(c) Nora is always kind, even when she doesn't mean it.
(d) Nora never makes a joke with Torvald around.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does Torvald call Nora, after reading the letter?

2. How does Torvald say he will deal with Krogstad's demands?

3. Where does Mrs. Linde propose to go, after Nora tells her what's happened?

4. While Tovald is reading the letters, what is Nora thinking of doing?

5. What does Doctor Rank offer to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Torvald respond to Nora's suggestion that she will soon be "out of the way"?

2. What excuse does Nora make, so she doesn't have to explain the favor she wanted?

3. What does Nora ask Doctor Rank to do for her, after the maid gives Nora the card?

4. Describe how Nora dances the Tarantella and Torvald's reaction.

5. Why does Krogstad say it would be useless for Nora to kill herself?

6. What does Nora tell Torvald she needs his help to do, in order to keep him distracted?

7. What fantasy does Torvald say he has about his wife when he's bringing her home from a party?

8. Why does Helmer say he prefers embroidery to knitting?

9. Describe Torvald's reaction to Nora's wrongdoing.

10. What is Nora's reaction when the maid hands her the card from whoever has arrived at the door?

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