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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nora tell her children about the "stranger man"?
(a) not to let him back into the house
(b) that he's never coming back again
(c) that he's coming back for Christmas dinner
(d) not to tell anyone he's been there

2. Who did Krogstad see walking with Torvald?
(a) Mrs. Linde
(b) a complete stranger
(c) Doctor Rank
(d) Helen

3. How does Torvald say he felt when Nora was busy for three weeks?
(a) Things were calm and relaxing without her.
(b) Things were dull without her.
(c) He was sad to be away from her.
(d) He was relieved to not have to worry about what she was doing.

4. What does Nora say will happen if the loan comes to light?
(a) Torvald will never trust her again.
(b) Torvald and her will be destitute.
(c) Torvald will leave her.
(d) Torvald will pay off the loan.

5. How does Krogstad re-enter the house unnoticed by Nora?
(a) Krogstad comes in through the window.
(b) Krogstad comes in through the kitchen.
(c) The door was left ajar.
(d) Krogstad picks the lock.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long ago did Mrs. Linde's husband die?

2. How does Mrs. Linde feel about her husband?

3. What happened to the nurse's own daughter?

4. What does Krogstad compare falsifying the signature to?

5. What lie does Nora tell Torvald?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Torvald's response when Nora asks whether it's nice of her to obey her husband's wishes?

2. Where is Torvald when Nora comes home, and what is its significance?

3. Why did Nora fake her father's signature?

4. What is Krogstad's response when Nora tells him she can't help him?

5. Does Nora realize the seriousness of faking a signature?

6. How does Nora introduce her request for Torvald to let Krogstad keep his post at the bank?

7. What is Nora's attitude towards the law?

8. Why is Torvald reluctant to give Nora money for Christmas?

9. Why doesn't Nora talk to Torvald about her old friends?

10. What example does Torvald give Nora, to try and show her why borrowing is bad?

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