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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Nora's attitude toward her children?
(a) apathetic
(b) condescending
(c) annoyed
(d) loving

2. What does Nora ask for at first, when Torvald asks what he should get her?
(a) an expensive bracelet
(b) nothing
(c) a new dress
(d) a new pot

3. Besides her children and husband, who else does Nora buy gifts for?
(a) herself
(b) the neighbors
(c) the dogs
(d) the maids

4. What inconsistency did Mrs. Linde notice in what Doctor Rank said?
(a) Doctor Rank said Torvald was always healthy, but Mrs. Linde knows he's been ill.
(b) Doctor Rank said Torvald was happy about his position at the bank, but Torvald seemed upset about it.
(c) Doctor Rank said Krogstad was morally corrupt, but Mrs. Linde knows he's a good person.
(d) Doctor Rank said he'd heard Mrs. Linde mentioned many times, but Torvald seemed not to have heard of her.

5. What job has Torvald just accepted?
(a) legal clerk for the town
(b) manager of the bank
(c) head accountant for the bank
(d) head counsel for the mayor

Short Answer Questions

1. How long has Krogstad known Torvald?

2. What does Torvald give to the maid after his conversation with Nora about Krogstad?

3. Who does Torvald compare Nora to?

4. What does Torvald believe happened to last year's presents?

5. Why does Nora say she is sending Mrs. Linde away when Torvald comes back?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Nora introduce her request for Torvald to let Krogstad keep his post at the bank?

2. Why doesn't Nora talk to Torvald about her old friends?

3. How does Mrs. Linde respond to Krogstad's suggestion that she should give up her post at the bank for his benefit?

4. Why does Torvald say that his wife asking him to keeps Krogstad means he could never do it?

5. What comparison does Nora seem to be making between her father and Torvald?

6. What is Torvald's response when Nora asks whether it's nice of her to obey her husband's wishes?

7. What is Nora's attitude towards the law?

8. What is Nora's reaction to Torvald's example?

9. Describe Rank's ideas of costumes for himself and Nora at the next fancy dress ball.

10. What distracts Nora from decorating the Christmas tree?

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