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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nora pretend was Rank's father's sin?
(a) being too prideful
(b) being too generous with his money
(c) being a gambler
(d) being too fond of food and drink

2. What does Nora tell Torvald to do, after they've discussed Doctor Rank's impending death?
(a) give her the mail to put on his desk
(b) leave the mail until the morning
(c) toss the mail into the fire
(d) read the rest of the mail

3. Where does Mrs. Linde propose to go, after Nora tells her what's happened?
(a) to see Doctor Rank
(b) to see Krogstad
(c) to see Torvald
(d) to the bank

4. What reason does Nora give the maid to keep Krogstad's visit secret?
(a) She says it's a surprise for Doctor Rank.
(b) She says it's none of the maid's business.
(c) She says it's a present for the children.
(d) She says it's a surprise for her husband.

5. What confuses Rank about Nora's behavior?
(a) Nora never makes a joke with Torvald around.
(b) Nora is always kind, even when she doesn't mean it.
(c) Nora seems to enjoy being with him more than with Torvald.
(d) Nora is always upset at the slightest, most insignificant thing.

6. What does Nora ask Krogstad to think of, to beg him for mercy?
(a) her reputation
(b) her husband
(c) her feelings
(d) her children

7. What does Mrs. Linde almost forget as she leaves?
(a) her purse
(b) her coat
(c) her gloves
(d) her knitting

8. Why did Nora like talking to the maids when she lived at her father's house?
(a) They knew lots of secrets.
(b) They didn't moralize.
(c) They sang songs and told stories.
(d) They understood what it was like to be a woman.

9. What has Nora instructed the maid to tell Krogstad?
(a) that Nora refuses to see him
(b) that they will call the police if he doesn't leave
(c) that no one is allowed in on Christmas day
(d) that no one is home

10. What does Nora tell Torvald about the cards from Doctor Rank?
(a) They are a joke from Doctor Rank.
(b) They mean Doctor Rank is dying.
(c) She doesn't know what they mean.
(d) They mean Doctor Rank is no longer their friend.

11. How long does Krogstad say it's been since he was involved in anything dishonorable?
(a) a year
(b) six months
(c) a year and a half
(d) two years

12. How does Rank say Nora and Torvald will respond to his death?
(a) He says they will be sad for three seasons.
(b) He says they will mourn for a long time.
(c) He says they will soon forget him.
(d) He says they will dance on his grave.

13. How does Krogstad come to Nora's house, so that he's not seen?
(a) He comes through a window.
(b) He comes up the back stairs.
(c) He comes from the floor above.
(d) He waits out on the street.

14. What stops Nora from leaving?
(a) Nora's doubts about leaving her children
(b) the maid coming in from the kitchen
(c) Nora's doubts about what is in the letter
(d) Torvald, coming out of his study

15. Does Nora want to come home from the dance after the Tarantella?
(a) Yes, she runs home without Torvald.
(b) Yes, she and Torvald leave together.
(c) No, she stays at the dance.
(d) No, but Torvald drags her downstairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Linde want to meet Krogstad at Nora's house?

2. What item of clothing does Nora show Doctor Rank from her box?

3. How does Doctor Rank respond when Nora asks what he would do if she asked him a huge favor?

4. What criticism does Torvald make of Nora's Tarantella dance at the party?

5. What does Mrs. Linde tell Nora to do?

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