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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Doctor Rank think he has to live?
(a) five years
(b) six months
(c) one year
(d) one month

2. What does Torvald call Nora's explanation?
(a) a song by a little bird
(b) a beautiful lie
(c) a silly excuse
(d) a mockery of law

3. What is Krogstad's initial reaction to the fact that the Helmers are at a dance?
(a) laughter
(b) fear
(c) anger
(d) surprise

4. What sign tells Mrs. Linde that the Helmers will be returning soon?
(a) She hears the Tarantella upstairs.
(b) She sees a light in the upstairs window.
(c) She hears the clock strike midnight.
(d) She hears a toast.

5. What does Helmer find in the lock of the mailbox?
(a) a broken hairpin
(b) a wire from a brush
(c) a broken key
(d) a sewing needle

6. What does Doctor Rank offer to do?
(a) apologize to Mrs. Linde
(b) leave forever
(c) explain to Torvald what has happened
(d) send Nora a present

7. What name does Torvald call Nora, after reading the letter?
(a) little squirrel
(b) miserable creature
(c) monstrous crow
(d) little lark

8. How long does Krogstad say it's been since he was involved in anything dishonorable?
(a) a year
(b) a year and a half
(c) six months
(d) two years

9. Who does Krogstad intend to tell about the bond?
(a) Torvald
(b) the police
(c) the newspapers
(d) the bank officers

10. What does Torvald blame Nora's behavior on?
(a) his own inability to control her
(b) Nora's mind going after difficult childbirth
(c) Krogstad's wiley enticements
(d) her father's lack of principles

11. What does Nora say Doctor Rank can pretend about her dancing?
(a) that she's dancing a message from God
(b) that she's dancing a healing ritual
(c) that she's dancing well
(d) that she's dancing for him

12. While Tovald is reading the letters, what is Nora thinking of doing?
(a) kidnapping the children
(b) running away by herself
(c) killing herself
(d) stealing the household money

13. What is Mrs. Linde doing while waiting for Krogstad?
(a) trying to read a book
(b) sewing
(c) cleaning around the house
(d) making tea

14. What does Krogstad say he will do with the bond?
(a) keep it
(b) burn it
(c) give it to Torvald
(d) hide it in a safe place

15. What criticism does Torvald make of Nora's Tarantella dance at the party?
(a) He says it was too perfect.
(b) He says it was too slow and cautious.
(c) He says it was too realistic.
(d) He says it was too erratic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nora say will happen when she's "out of the way"?

2. What does Krogstad think of Mrs. Linde?

3. Would Nora's idea to get the money from Doctor Rank have worked?

4. What does Krogstad compare himself to?

5. What does Mrs. Linde tell Nora to do?

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