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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What's the first thing Krogstad suggests Nora is considering?
(a) stealing the bond
(b) killing him
(c) running away
(d) turning herself over to the police

2. What does Helmer find in the lock of the mailbox?
(a) a broken key
(b) a sewing needle
(c) a wire from a brush
(d) a broken hairpin

3. What does Torvald do with the bond when he receives it?
(a) He throws it in the stove without looking at it.
(b) He reads it and then burns it with a lighter.
(c) He reads it and tears it up, trampling it on the ground.
(d) He keeps it to remind him of what Nora has done.

4. What is Nora's reaction when Doctor Rank tells her his feelings?
(a) She is upset but pretends to be happy.
(b) She is happy.
(c) She begins to cry.
(d) She is angry.

5. What does Torvald say he did for Nora?
(a) gave up the chance of marrying an upstanding woman
(b) gave up the life of a happy bachelor
(c) ignored the signs of mental weakness in Nora
(d) ignored her father's wrongdoings

6. How long does Krogstad say it's been since he was involved in anything dishonorable?
(a) two years
(b) a year and a half
(c) a year
(d) six months

7. Where does Mrs. Linde propose to go, after Nora tells her what's happened?
(a) to see Krogstad
(b) to the bank
(c) to see Doctor Rank
(d) to see Torvald

8. Why did Nora like talking to the maids when she lived at her father's house?
(a) They knew lots of secrets.
(b) They sang songs and told stories.
(c) They didn't moralize.
(d) They understood what it was like to be a woman.

9. How does Krogstad respond to the maid's message?
(a) He storms into the house and goes straight to Torvald's study.
(b) He doesn't believe it and refuses to leave.
(c) He goes away but keeps returning.
(d) He promises to come back with the police.

10. What stops Nora from leaving?
(a) Torvald, coming out of his study
(b) the maid coming in from the kitchen
(c) Nora's doubts about what is in the letter
(d) Nora's doubts about leaving her children

11. What does Mrs. Linde say was her reason for sending Krogstad a harsh break-up letter?
(a) because her husband forced her to
(b) to completely sever their relationship
(c) to see if he would still chase her
(d) to tell him the bitter truth

12. What does Nora initially tell Torvald is her reason for her wrongdoing?
(a) not knowing what she was doing could be considered wrong
(b) saving the children from being fatherless and penniless
(c) loving him above anything else
(d) acting selfishly because she couldn't lose him

13. What does Rank say he will send Nora, when he knows he is about to die?
(a) a card with a black border
(b) a card with a black star
(c) a card with a black angel
(d) a card with a black cross

14. What evidence does Doctor Rank believe supports his jealousy?
(a) Mrs. Linde is in the house as he's speaking.
(b) Mrs. Linde is Nora's childhood friend.
(c) Mrs. Linde has gotten a job at the bank.
(d) Mrs. Linde was critical of Doctor Rank.

15. What does Torvald say about Mrs. Linde after she leaves?
(a) that he admires her
(b) that she's a bore
(c) that she's pushy
(d) that he doesn't trust her

Short Answer Questions

1. Would Nora's idea to get the money from Doctor Rank have worked?

2. How does Doctor Rank respond when Nora asks what he would do if she asked him a huge favor?

3. What are Krogstad and Nora talking about, that both considered but neither had the courage for?

4. What reason does Nora give the maid to keep Krogstad's visit secret?

5. Why does Nora say she refuses to show him anything else?

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