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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Would Nora's idea to get the money from Doctor Rank have worked?
(a) Yes, Krogstad won't tell Torvald if Nora is prepared to pay off the bond.
(b) Yes, but Krogstad would have demanded more than the value of the bond.
(c) No, Doctor Rank would never have given Nora the money.
(d) No, Krogstad would never have given up the bond.

2. What does Krogstad compare himself to?
(a) a gambler out of money
(b) a shipwrecked man
(c) a recluse in a cave
(d) a condemned prisoner

3. What has Nora instructed the maid to tell Krogstad?
(a) that no one is allowed in on Christmas day
(b) that they will call the police if he doesn't leave
(c) that no one is home
(d) that Nora refuses to see him

4. What does Mrs. Linde say she has faith in about Krogstad?
(a) his weakness
(b) his innocence
(c) his character
(d) his love

5. Who does Nora say must have been tampering with the mailbox?
(a) Mrs. Linde
(b) the maid
(c) a guest from the party
(d) the children

6. What does Nora do with the item of clothing "to punish" Doctor Rank?
(a) She dangles the clothing in front of his eyes.
(b) She hits him with the clothing.
(c) She hides the clothing from him.
(d) She forces him to take the clothing.

7. Who does Krogstad intend to tell about the bond?
(a) the bank officers
(b) the newspapers
(c) Torvald
(d) the police

8. Why is Doctor Rank jealous of Mrs. Linde?
(a) He says Mrs. Linde will be in all the newspapers.
(b) He says Mrs. Linde will take all the attention away from his death.
(c) He says Mrs. Linde will take his place as the Helmers' friend.
(d) He says Mrs. Linde will take over his position in the town.

9. How does Nora answer, when Torvald asks if she understands what she has done?
(a) She says that she never understood.
(b) She says that she understood from the beginning.
(c) She says that yes, she is beginning to understand.
(d) She says that she doesn't know what it means anymore.

10. What does Nora tell Torvald to do, after they've discussed Doctor Rank's impending death?
(a) leave the mail until the morning
(b) read the rest of the mail
(c) give her the mail to put on his desk
(d) toss the mail into the fire

11. Where does Mrs. Linde propose to go, after Nora tells her what's happened?
(a) to see Doctor Rank
(b) to see Torvald
(c) to the bank
(d) to see Krogstad

12. How does Krogstad respond to the maid's message?
(a) He promises to come back with the police.
(b) He goes away but keeps returning.
(c) He storms into the house and goes straight to Torvald's study.
(d) He doesn't believe it and refuses to leave.

13. What does Torvald say he did for Nora?
(a) gave up the chance of marrying an upstanding woman
(b) gave up the life of a happy bachelor
(c) ignored the signs of mental weakness in Nora
(d) ignored her father's wrongdoings

14. What does Nora pretend was Rank's father's sin?
(a) being a gambler
(b) being too generous with his money
(c) being too prideful
(d) being too fond of food and drink

15. What criticism does Torvald make of Nora's Tarantella dance at the party?
(a) He says it was too erratic.
(b) He says it was too slow and cautious.
(c) He says it was too perfect.
(d) He says it was too realistic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does Torvald call Nora, after reading the letter?

2. How long does Krogstad say it's been since he was involved in anything dishonorable?

3. How much money does Krogstad say he will ask Torvald for?

4. What item of clothing does Nora show Doctor Rank from her box?

5. Why did Nora like talking to the maids when she lived at her father's house?

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