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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Linde want to meet Krogstad at Nora's house?
(a) so Nora will be nearby
(b) so he doesn't know where she lives
(c) to have privacy
(d) so Torvald will be nearby

2. How was Nora's dance received by the guests at the party?
(a) The guests enjoyed her dance.
(b) The guests were offended and started to leave.
(c) The guests were embarrassed by her dance.
(d) The guests were angered and asked her to leave.

3. Who does Krogstad intend to tell about the bond?
(a) the police
(b) the newspapers
(c) Torvald
(d) the bank officers

4. What does Torvald blame Nora's behavior on?
(a) Krogstad's wiley enticements
(b) Nora's mind going after difficult childbirth
(c) his own inability to control her
(d) her father's lack of principles

5. What has Nora instructed the maid to tell Krogstad?
(a) that no one is home
(b) that no one is allowed in on Christmas day
(c) that they will call the police if he doesn't leave
(d) that Nora refuses to see him

6. What does Krogstad say he has in his pocket?
(a) a letter that will clear her of wrongdoing
(b) a letter for Torvald
(c) a confession to his own forgery
(d) the bond

7. Why is Doctor Rank jealous of Mrs. Linde?
(a) He says Mrs. Linde will take all the attention away from his death.
(b) He says Mrs. Linde will be in all the newspapers.
(c) He says Mrs. Linde will take his place as the Helmers' friend.
(d) He says Mrs. Linde will take over his position in the town.

8. What does Torvald do with the bond when he receives it?
(a) He reads it and then burns it with a lighter.
(b) He reads it and tears it up, trampling it on the ground.
(c) He keeps it to remind him of what Nora has done.
(d) He throws it in the stove without looking at it.

9. What does Krogstad think of Mrs. Linde?
(a) that she is generous and kind
(b) that she is heartless
(c) that she is too good for him
(d) that she is plotting and manipulative

10. What does Doctor Rank offer to do?
(a) leave forever
(b) apologize to Mrs. Linde
(c) send Nora a present
(d) explain to Torvald what has happened

11. Why does Nora say she refuses to show him anything else?
(a) She says she wants the rest of the costume to be a surprise.
(b) She says Doctor Rank is too sick.
(c) She says Doctor Rank is making fun of her.
(d) She says Doctor Rank was naughty.

12. What does Nora pretend was Rank's father's sin?
(a) being a gambler
(b) being too prideful
(c) being too generous with his money
(d) being too fond of food and drink

13. What does Mrs. Linde tell Nora to do?
(a) bring Torvald to Krogstad's house
(b) take Torvald out of the house
(c) stop Torvald from getting the mail
(d) confess to Torvald

14. What does Doctor Rank say he's gained from his "scientific investigation"?
(a) certainty
(b) hope
(c) life
(d) domination

15. What does Torvald say he did for Nora?
(a) ignored the signs of mental weakness in Nora
(b) ignored her father's wrongdoings
(c) gave up the chance of marrying an upstanding woman
(d) gave up the life of a happy bachelor

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Linde say was her reason for sending Krogstad a harsh break-up letter?

2. How does Doctor Rank respond when Nora asks what he would do if she asked him a huge favor?

3. What does Torvald say about Mrs. Linde after she leaves?

4. What does Nora say, when Torvald asks if she knows what's in the letter?

5. What does Helmer find in the lock of the mailbox?

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