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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Mrs. Linde give for being at the Helmers' apartment?
(a) She says she's waiting to see Nora's dress.
(b) She says she forgot a purse last time she visited.
(c) She says she's been doing some sewing for Nora.
(d) She says she wants to loan Nora a book.

2. What does Mrs. Linde say was her reason for sending Krogstad a harsh break-up letter?
(a) because her husband forced her to
(b) to see if he would still chase her
(c) to completely sever their relationship
(d) to tell him the bitter truth

3. What evidence does Doctor Rank believe supports his jealousy?
(a) Mrs. Linde is Nora's childhood friend.
(b) Mrs. Linde is in the house as he's speaking.
(c) Mrs. Linde was critical of Doctor Rank.
(d) Mrs. Linde has gotten a job at the bank.

4. What does Nora do with the item of clothing "to punish" Doctor Rank?
(a) She forces him to take the clothing.
(b) She hides the clothing from him.
(c) She hits him with the clothing.
(d) She dangles the clothing in front of his eyes.

5. What does Nora ask Krogstad to think of, to beg him for mercy?
(a) her feelings
(b) her reputation
(c) her children
(d) her husband

6. What does Rank say he will send Nora, when he knows he is about to die?
(a) a card with a black cross
(b) a card with a black star
(c) a card with a black border
(d) a card with a black angel

7. What does Mrs. Linde almost forget as she leaves?
(a) her purse
(b) her coat
(c) her gloves
(d) her knitting

8. What does Torvald do with the bond when he receives it?
(a) He throws it in the stove without looking at it.
(b) He reads it and then burns it with a lighter.
(c) He reads it and tears it up, trampling it on the ground.
(d) He keeps it to remind him of what Nora has done.

9. What does Torvald say he did for Nora?
(a) ignored her father's wrongdoings
(b) gave up the life of a happy bachelor
(c) gave up the chance of marrying an upstanding woman
(d) ignored the signs of mental weakness in Nora

10. How does Krogstad respond to the maid's message?
(a) He storms into the house and goes straight to Torvald's study.
(b) He promises to come back with the police.
(c) He doesn't believe it and refuses to leave.
(d) He goes away but keeps returning.

11. What simile does Torvald use to describe how he will protect Nora?
(a) He says he will protect her like a baby chick fallen from a nest.
(b) He says he will protect her like a wounded deer saved from a hunter's arrow.
(c) He says he will protect her like a ground squirrel frightened by a bird of prey's shadow.
(d) He says he will protect her like a hunted dove saved from a hawk's claws.

12. What is Mrs. Linde doing while waiting for Krogstad?
(a) trying to read a book
(b) making tea
(c) cleaning around the house
(d) sewing

13. What does Nora put on herself, when Torvald goes in to read the letters?
(a) her Italian shawl
(b) her heavy cloak
(c) Mrs. Linde's old coat
(d) Torvald's domino costume

14. Where does Krogstad put the document he's brought?
(a) in the letter box
(b) on the table
(c) in the fire
(d) in his billfold

15. While Tovald is reading the letters, what is Nora thinking of doing?
(a) stealing the household money
(b) running away by herself
(c) killing herself
(d) kidnapping the children

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Nora want to come home from the dance after the Tarantella?

2. What reason does Nora give the maid to keep Krogstad's visit secret?

3. What does Helmer find in the lock of the mailbox?

4. What excuse does Nora give Doctor Rank about who has arrived?

5. What does Mrs. Linde tell Nora to do?

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