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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mrs. Linde doing while waiting for Krogstad?
(a) sewing
(b) making tea
(c) trying to read a book
(d) cleaning around the house

2. What simile does Torvald use to describe how he will protect Nora?
(a) He says he will protect her like a hunted dove saved from a hawk's claws.
(b) He says he will protect her like a ground squirrel frightened by a bird of prey's shadow.
(c) He says he will protect her like a wounded deer saved from a hunter's arrow.
(d) He says he will protect her like a baby chick fallen from a nest.

3. Why is Doctor Rank jealous of Mrs. Linde?
(a) He says Mrs. Linde will take his place as the Helmers' friend.
(b) He says Mrs. Linde will take over his position in the town.
(c) He says Mrs. Linde will take all the attention away from his death.
(d) He says Mrs. Linde will be in all the newspapers.

4. Would Nora's idea to get the money from Doctor Rank have worked?
(a) No, Krogstad would never have given up the bond.
(b) Yes, but Krogstad would have demanded more than the value of the bond.
(c) Yes, Krogstad won't tell Torvald if Nora is prepared to pay off the bond.
(d) No, Doctor Rank would never have given Nora the money.

5. What does Torvald blame Nora's behavior on?
(a) his own inability to control her
(b) Krogstad's wiley enticements
(c) Nora's mind going after difficult childbirth
(d) her father's lack of principles

6. What does Krogstad say he has in his pocket?
(a) a confession to his own forgery
(b) a letter for Torvald
(c) the bond
(d) a letter that will clear her of wrongdoing

7. How much money does Krogstad say he will ask Torvald for?
(a) 750 pounds
(b) 500 pounds
(c) nothing
(d) 1,000 pounds

8. What does Nora initially tell Torvald is her reason for her wrongdoing?
(a) not knowing what she was doing could be considered wrong
(b) saving the children from being fatherless and penniless
(c) acting selfishly because she couldn't lose him
(d) loving him above anything else

9. How does Nora answer, when Torvald asks if she understands what she has done?
(a) She says that yes, she is beginning to understand.
(b) She says that she doesn't know what it means anymore.
(c) She says that she understood from the beginning.
(d) She says that she never understood.

10. While Tovald is reading the letters, what is Nora thinking of doing?
(a) kidnapping the children
(b) running away by herself
(c) stealing the household money
(d) killing herself

11. Why doesn't Doctor Rank want Torvald in his sickroom?
(a) Rank is ashamed for Torvald to see him sick.
(b) Torvald hates things that are ugly.
(c) Torvald is afraid of getting ill again.
(d) Rank doesn't want Torvald to know he is dying.

12. What does Nora put on herself, when Torvald goes in to read the letters?
(a) her Italian shawl
(b) her heavy cloak
(c) Torvald's domino costume
(d) Mrs. Linde's old coat

13. What does Doctor Rank offer to do?
(a) apologize to Mrs. Linde
(b) leave forever
(c) explain to Torvald what has happened
(d) send Nora a present

14. What does Nora tell Torvald about the cards from Doctor Rank?
(a) They mean Doctor Rank is dying.
(b) She doesn't know what they mean.
(c) They mean Doctor Rank is no longer their friend.
(d) They are a joke from Doctor Rank.

15. What reason does Mrs. Linde give for being at the Helmers' apartment?
(a) She says she's waiting to see Nora's dress.
(b) She says she's been doing some sewing for Nora.
(c) She says she wants to loan Nora a book.
(d) She says she forgot a purse last time she visited.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Mrs. Linde give Krogstad for her coming to town?

2. What stops Nora from leaving?

3. How does Rank say Nora and Torvald will respond to his death?

4. What has Nora instructed the maid to tell Krogstad?

5. Why did Nora like talking to the maids when she lived at her father's house?

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