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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nora say about the doll bed she's bought for her daughter, Emmy?
(a) Emmy will be thrilled with it.
(b) Emmy will soon break it.
(c) Emmy will now have a pair of doll's beds.
(d) Emmy will never guess what it is.

2. Where does Nora send her children so she can talk to Krogstad?
(a) to the nurse
(b) to wrap Christmas presents
(c) outside to play
(d) up to their rooms

3. How long were they gone?
(a) one year
(b) two years
(c) six months
(d) three months

4. How are the children feeling on Christmas Day?
(a) thrilled and distracted with their Christmas presents
(b) upset because their mother isn't with them
(c) ill with worry over the "stranger man"
(d) so tired that they cannot play with their presents

5. What type of work has Nora taken on to make ends meet?
(a) cleaning houses
(b) baking and cooking
(c) sewing and embroidery
(d) jewelry making

6. What does Krogstad ask Nora to do for him?
(a) influence her husband to let him keep his job at the bank
(b) give him a large payment to finish paying off the debt
(c) tell her husband not to hire Mrs. Linde at the bank
(d) let him come to Christmas dinner to plead his case to her husband

7. What does the nurse say is wrong with the costumes?
(a) They need repair.
(b) They are the wrong sizes.
(c) They are out of fashion.
(d) They are dusty.

8. When Nora first comes home, what does she ask her maid Helen to hide?
(a) a gift for Torvald
(b) her macaroons
(c) a Christmas tree
(d) gifts for the children

9. For Nora, what will having "heaps and heaps of money" mean?
(a) more troubles
(b) no anxiety
(c) freedom to start a business
(d) fur coats and jewels

10. Why does Krogstad want his job at the bank?
(a) He wants to be in a position to embezzle money.
(b) He needs a job as cover, so he's not suspected of moneylending.
(c) He wants a respectable job to redeem himself.
(d) He wants to show Mrs. Linde that he has a decent job.

11. What lie does Nora tell Torvald?
(a) She says she hasn't eaten any sweets.
(b) She says she hasn't promised the children anything.
(c) She says she hasn't bought him a present.
(d) She says she hasn't gotten a Christmas tree.

12. Which of the following does Torvald NOT call Nora?
(a) little squirrel
(b) little spendthrift
(c) little lark
(d) little kitten

13. Why doesn't the nurse want Nora to go out?
(a) There's too much work to do around the house.
(b) Torvald wanted Nora to be in when he returned.
(c) It's cold, and she thinks Nora may get ill.
(d) The children want their mother's attention.

14. What does Nora tell Krogstad about how Mrs. Linde got the job at the bank?
(a) Nora says Mrs. Linde got the job because she is in dire need.
(b) Nora says that she influenced her husband to give Mrs. Linde the job.
(c) Nora says she had nothing to do with how Mrs. Linde got the job.
(d) Nora says Mrs. Linde got the job because of her qualifications.

15. What reason does Nora give for wanting Krogstad to keep his job?
(a) She says Krogstad is in dire need of money and she's afraid what might happen to his children.
(b) She says Krogstad writes for papers and could spread rumors and bad publicity.
(c) She says Krogstad is a distant relative of her father's.
(d) She says the reason is a secret, but that Torvald must take her seriously.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nora finally ask Torvald for as a Christmas present?

2. How does Krogstad re-enter the house unnoticed by Nora?

3. Why did Mrs. Linde marry her husband?

4. What is Nora's relationship with her children's nurse?

5. Why did Torvald leave his office when he married Nora?

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