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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why didn't Torvald make money at his previous profession?
(a) He was too upstanding.
(b) He would not spend money on advertising.
(c) He didn't spend enough time on his work.
(d) He made bad investments.

2. Why does Krogstad want his job at the bank?
(a) He needs a job as cover, so he's not suspected of moneylending.
(b) He wants to be in a position to embezzle money.
(c) He wants a respectable job to redeem himself.
(d) He wants to show Mrs. Linde that he has a decent job.

3. What does Nora say about the doll bed she's bought for her daughter, Emmy?
(a) Emmy will be thrilled with it.
(b) Emmy will soon break it.
(c) Emmy will never guess what it is.
(d) Emmy will now have a pair of doll's beds.

4. What brings Torvald out of his study?
(a) a loud noise from the other room
(b) worry over what Nora has bought
(c) a desire to see his dearly loved wife
(d) anger that Nora is late

5. What does Krogstad ask Nora to do for him?
(a) tell her husband not to hire Mrs. Linde at the bank
(b) give him a large payment to finish paying off the debt
(c) let him come to Christmas dinner to plead his case to her husband
(d) influence her husband to let him keep his job at the bank

6. Does Nora recognize Mrs. Linde?
(a) No, but Nora used to know Mrs. Linde.
(b) Yes, Nora recognizes her right away.
(c) No, Nora never met Mrs. Linde before.
(d) Yes, but it takes a moment for Nora to recognize her.

7. How does Torvald try to cheer up Nora?
(a) by giving her money
(b) by giving her a ring
(c) by dancing with her
(d) by giving her a kiss

8. What does Nora think Krogstad is threatening her with?
(a) repossessing all her belongings
(b) calling in the loan and forcing her into bankruptcy
(c) pretending they're having an affair
(d) telling Torvald that Nora owes him money

9. How does Krogstad re-enter the house unnoticed by Nora?
(a) Krogstad comes in through the kitchen.
(b) The door was left ajar.
(c) Krogstad picks the lock.
(d) Krogstad comes in through the window.

10. What inconsistency did Mrs. Linde notice in what Doctor Rank said?
(a) Doctor Rank said Torvald was happy about his position at the bank, but Torvald seemed upset about it.
(b) Doctor Rank said he'd heard Mrs. Linde mentioned many times, but Torvald seemed not to have heard of her.
(c) Doctor Rank said Krogstad was morally corrupt, but Mrs. Linde knows he's a good person.
(d) Doctor Rank said Torvald was always healthy, but Mrs. Linde knows he's been ill.

11. How does Nora check if her husband is in?
(a) She checks if his key is in the hall.
(b) She listens at the study door.
(c) She looks for his coat.
(d) She goes to look for him.

12. Did Nora write to Mrs. Linde when her husband died?
(a) Yes, but Nora put it off and wrote her months later.
(b) No, but Nora meant to write.
(c) Yes, Nora wrote her right away.
(d) No, Nora never thought to write.

13. How does Nora say Mrs. Linde looks?
(a) thinner and paler
(b) plumper and darker
(c) younger but sadder
(d) more tired but happier

14. What is Nora going to the costume ball as?
(a) a Genoan farmgirl
(b) a Sicilian dancing girl
(c) a Corsican peasant
(d) a Neapolitan fisher-girl

15. What does Krogstad ask Nora about Mrs. Linde?
(a) whether she is a widow
(b) whether she has mentioned him to Nora
(c) whether Torvald is giving her a job at the bank
(d) whether she is staying in town long

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Torvald leave his office when he married Nora?

2. What is Nora's attitude toward the porter who helps her with her purchases?

3. How long ago did Mrs. Linde's husband die?

4. How does Krogstad know the second signature is faked?

5. What does Mrs. Linde say her husband left her monetarily?

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