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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has Krogstad known Torvald?
(a) for a year and a half
(b) for six months
(c) since Torvald became involved in the bank
(d) since their student days

2. What does Krogstad ask Nora to do for him?
(a) influence her husband to let him keep his job at the bank
(b) give him a large payment to finish paying off the debt
(c) tell her husband not to hire Mrs. Linde at the bank
(d) let him come to Christmas dinner to plead his case to her husband

3. How much did the trip cost?
(a) 100 pounds
(b) 1,000 pounds
(c) 500 pounds
(d) 250 pounds

4. What does Torvald give to the maid after his conversation with Nora about Krogstad?
(a) a present to wrap for Nora
(b) a letter firing Krogstad
(c) a message for the police about Krogstad
(d) Nora's present, to be stored away until she recants

5. How did Mrs. Linde travel to the area?
(a) by carriage
(b) by train
(c) on foot
(d) by steamer

6. Why didn't Torvald make money at his previous profession?
(a) He didn't spend enough time on his work.
(b) He made bad investments.
(c) He would not spend money on advertising.
(d) He was too upstanding.

7. How does Krogstad know the second signature is faked?
(a) The signature is clearly Nora's handwriting.
(b) The signature is in the wrong kind of ink.
(c) Nora wouldn't have had time to get the document signed.
(d) The signature is dated three days after Nora's father's death.

8. Who else was supposed to sign the document?
(a) Nora's lawyer
(b) Torvald's doctor
(c) Nora's father
(d) Torvald

9. Why does Nora say she is sending Mrs. Linde away when Torvald comes back?
(a) Torvald will be jealous she's spending time with Mrs. Linde.
(b) Since Mrs. Linde will be an employee, it's inappropriate for her to be there.
(c) Torvald hates to see dressmaking.
(d) Torvald has taken a dislike to Mrs. Linde.

10. What happened to the nurse's own daughter?
(a) The nurse gave her daughter up for adoption.
(b) The nurse's daughter was raised by its grandparents.
(c) The nurse's daughter died during childhood.
(d) The nurse's daughter died during childbirth.

11. Why does Krogstad want his job at the bank?
(a) He wants a respectable job to redeem himself.
(b) He needs a job as cover, so he's not suspected of moneylending.
(c) He wants to be in a position to embezzle money.
(d) He wants to show Mrs. Linde that he has a decent job.

12. What does Torvald initially think is the reason Nora wants him to let Krogstad keep his job?
(a) Torvald thinks Nora must have secret feelings for Krogstad.
(b) Torvald thinks Nora feels sorry for Krogstad.
(c) Torvald thinks Nora has made a careless promise to the man.
(d) Torvald thinks Nora was threatened by Krogstad.

13. Who has Mrs. Linde had to support?
(a) her mother and aunt
(b) her mother, brother, and sister
(c) her grandmother and two nephews
(d) her mother and two younger brothers

14. Did Nora write to Mrs. Linde when her husband died?
(a) Yes, Nora wrote her right away.
(b) No, but Nora meant to write.
(c) Yes, but Nora put it off and wrote her months later.
(d) No, Nora never thought to write.

15. What does Nora ask the maid to bring to her after Krogstad has left?
(a) a cup of tea
(b) the Christmas tree
(c) a book from Torvald's study
(d) a glass of whiskey

Short Answer Questions

1. Besides her children and husband, who else does Nora buy gifts for?

2. What does Nora say about the doll bed she's bought for her daughter, Emmy?

3. What inconsistency did Mrs. Linde notice in what Doctor Rank said?

4. Why does Nora think they can spend more money?

5. What does Nora want Mrs. Linde's help with?

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