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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Linde come by Nora's house?
(a) Mrs. Linde wanted to ask Nora about Krogstad.
(b) Mrs. Linde wanted to thank Nora for helping her get a job.
(c) Mrs. Linde was concerned that Nora might be unwell.
(d) Nora had come by Mrs. Linde's home asking for her.

2. What caused Doctor Rank's illness?
(a) exposure to weather
(b) a venereal disease his father had
(c) an accident
(d) an inherited genetic cause

3. Does Nora recognize Mrs. Linde?
(a) Yes, but it takes a moment for Nora to recognize her.
(b) No, Nora never met Mrs. Linde before.
(c) Yes, Nora recognizes her right away.
(d) No, but Nora used to know Mrs. Linde.

4. What is Torvald carrying when he exits the study?
(a) a business letter
(b) a pen
(c) a gift for Nora
(d) a Christmas ornament

5. Why does Torvald not want to spend money?
(a) He wants to save their money to take a trip.
(b) They won't actually have more money for a quarter of a year.
(c) He thinks money is a corrupting influence on the children.
(d) He wants to save up all their money for the future.

6. Who did Krogstad see walking with Torvald?
(a) Doctor Rank
(b) Mrs. Linde
(c) Helen
(d) a complete stranger

7. What type of work has Nora taken on to make ends meet?
(a) jewelry making
(b) sewing and embroidery
(c) cleaning houses
(d) baking and cooking

8. What does the nurse say is wrong with the costumes?
(a) They are dusty.
(b) They are out of fashion.
(c) They are the wrong sizes.
(d) They need repair.

9. How does Krogstad know the second signature is faked?
(a) The signature is clearly Nora's handwriting.
(b) The signature is dated three days after Nora's father's death.
(c) The signature is in the wrong kind of ink.
(d) Nora wouldn't have had time to get the document signed.

10. What game does Nora play with her children?
(a) ring around the rosie
(b) hide and seek
(c) blind man's bluff
(d) king of the hill

11. What led Krogstad into questionable businesses?
(a) He went to jail and then could find no work.
(b) He was too ill to hold down a normal job.
(c) He committed an "indiscretion" and then could find no work.
(d) He was in debt and needed extra money.

12. Which of the following does Torvald NOT call Nora?
(a) little kitten
(b) little lark
(c) little squirrel
(d) little spendthrift

13. Who does Torvald compare Nora to?
(a) her father
(b) her mother
(c) himself
(d) a bank manager

14. Where does Nora initially tell Mrs. Linde she got the money for the trip?
(a) from her father
(b) from doing odd jobs
(c) from a moneylender
(d) from her sister

15. Why did Torvald leave his office when he married Nora?
(a) Torvald objected to the way the firm was run.
(b) Torvald wanted more free time.
(c) Nora hated his job and wanted him to leave it.
(d) Torvald needed the possibility of advancement.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Torvald believe happened to last year's presents?

2. What does Nora ask for at first, when Torvald asks what he should get her?

3. What does Nora do when Krogstad confronts her about the fake signature?

4. What is the first thing Nora points out about the things she's bought?

5. How does Nora say Mrs. Linde looks?

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