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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Nora's relationship with her children's nurse?
(a) Nora hired the nurse when she had her third child.
(b) Nora knew the nurse when Nora was a teenager.
(c) Nora hired the nurse when she had her first child.
(d) The nurse was Nora's nurse when she was young.

2. Why did Torvald leave his office when he married Nora?
(a) Torvald objected to the way the firm was run.
(b) Nora hated his job and wanted him to leave it.
(c) Torvald wanted more free time.
(d) Torvald needed the possibility of advancement.

3. What does Krogstad compare falsifying the signature to?
(a) Krogstad compares Nora's crime to a child breaking a toy.
(b) Krogstad compares Nora's crime to a starving boy stealing bread.
(c) Krogstad compares Nora's crime to a raccoon breaking into a kitchen.
(d) Krogstad compares Nora's crime to his own.

4. What caused Doctor Rank's illness?
(a) a venereal disease his father had
(b) an inherited genetic cause
(c) exposure to weather
(d) an accident

5. Why does Torvald not want to spend money?
(a) They won't actually have more money for a quarter of a year.
(b) He thinks money is a corrupting influence on the children.
(c) He wants to save up all their money for the future.
(d) He wants to save their money to take a trip.

6. What does Nora ask the maid to bring to her after Krogstad has left?
(a) a glass of whiskey
(b) a book from Torvald's study
(c) a cup of tea
(d) the Christmas tree

7. How many children does Mrs. Linde have?
(a) one
(b) two
(c) none
(d) three

8. What does Nora finally ask Torvald for as a Christmas present?
(a) a dinner together
(b) macaroons
(c) money
(d) a dance

9. What brings Torvald out of his study?
(a) a desire to see his dearly loved wife
(b) a loud noise from the other room
(c) anger that Nora is late
(d) worry over what Nora has bought

10. What does Torvald initially think is the reason Nora wants him to let Krogstad keep his job?
(a) Torvald thinks Nora has made a careless promise to the man.
(b) Torvald thinks Nora must have secret feelings for Krogstad.
(c) Torvald thinks Nora was threatened by Krogstad.
(d) Torvald thinks Nora feels sorry for Krogstad.

11. What does Torvald give to the maid after his conversation with Nora about Krogstad?
(a) a message for the police about Krogstad
(b) Nora's present, to be stored away until she recants
(c) a letter firing Krogstad
(d) a present to wrap for Nora

12. Why doesn't the nurse want Nora to go out?
(a) Torvald wanted Nora to be in when he returned.
(b) There's too much work to do around the house.
(c) It's cold, and she thinks Nora may get ill.
(d) The children want their mother's attention.

13. Why isn't Nora worried about Krogstad?
(a) She knows a secret Krogstad doesn't want her to reveal.
(b) She expects to be able to pay off the debt easily in the new year.
(c) She believes that Krogstad has a good heart.
(d) She knows that she could have Krogstad arrested.

14. What was Torvald's previous profession?
(a) lawyer
(b) stock broker
(c) accountant
(d) store manager

15. What does Nora tell Krogstad about how Mrs. Linde got the job at the bank?
(a) Nora says Mrs. Linde got the job because she is in dire need.
(b) Nora says that she influenced her husband to give Mrs. Linde the job.
(c) Nora says Mrs. Linde got the job because of her qualifications.
(d) Nora says she had nothing to do with how Mrs. Linde got the job.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Linde say her husband left her monetarily?

2. Who has Mrs. Linde had to support?

3. What does the nurse say is wrong with the costumes?

4. Who did Krogstad see walking with Torvald?

5. What reason does Nora give for wanting Krogstad to keep his job?

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