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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why isn't Nora worried about Krogstad?
(a) She expects to be able to pay off the debt easily in the new year.
(b) She knows that she could have Krogstad arrested.
(c) She believes that Krogstad has a good heart.
(d) She knows a secret Krogstad doesn't want her to reveal.

2. What does Nora threaten to throw Krogstad out of the house for?
(a) He attempts to take advantage of her.
(b) He threatens the children.
(c) He speaks slightingly of her husband.
(d) He slaps her.

3. What caused Doctor Rank's illness?
(a) an inherited genetic cause
(b) an accident
(c) exposure to weather
(d) a venereal disease his father had

4. How long has Krogstad known Torvald?
(a) since their student days
(b) since Torvald became involved in the bank
(c) for a year and a half
(d) for six months

5. Why does Nora think they can spend more money?
(a) She is going to inherit money.
(b) Torvald is going to earn a large salary.
(c) She plans on winning money gambling.
(d) She thinks they can borrow indefinitely.

6. What job has Torvald just accepted?
(a) manager of the bank
(b) head counsel for the mayor
(c) legal clerk for the town
(d) head accountant for the bank

7. What is Nora's attitude toward the porter who helps her with her purchases?
(a) condescending
(b) angry
(c) pitying
(d) generous

8. How many children does Mrs. Linde have?
(a) two
(b) three
(c) one
(d) none

9. How does Krogstad re-enter the house unnoticed by Nora?
(a) Krogstad picks the lock.
(b) Krogstad comes in through the window.
(c) Krogstad comes in through the kitchen.
(d) The door was left ajar.

10. What does Nora tell her children about the "stranger man"?
(a) that he's coming back for Christmas dinner
(b) not to let him back into the house
(c) not to tell anyone he's been there
(d) that he's never coming back again

11. What idea does Mrs. Linde inadvertently put into Nora's head?
(a) to ask Doctor Rank to take responsibility for the false signature
(b) to claim Krogstad took unfair advantage of her
(c) to ask Doctor Rank to help her pay off her debt
(d) to steal the incriminating paper from Krogstad

12. Which of the following does Torvald NOT call Nora?
(a) little spendthrift
(b) little lark
(c) little squirrel
(d) little kitten

13. What game does Nora play with her children?
(a) king of the hill
(b) ring around the rosie
(c) hide and seek
(d) blind man's bluff

14. When Nora first comes home, what does she ask her maid Helen to hide?
(a) her macaroons
(b) gifts for the children
(c) a Christmas tree
(d) a gift for Torvald

15. How are the children feeling on Christmas Day?
(a) so tired that they cannot play with their presents
(b) upset because their mother isn't with them
(c) thrilled and distracted with their Christmas presents
(d) ill with worry over the "stranger man"

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Torvald initially think is the reason Nora wants him to let Krogstad keep his job?

2. How often does Doctor Rank visit?

3. Why did Mrs. Linde marry her husband?

4. What does Nora try to do after Krogstad leaves?

5. For Nora, what will having "heaps and heaps of money" mean?

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