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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3 Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Doctor Rank want Torvald in his sickroom?
(a) Rank is ashamed for Torvald to see him sick.
(b) Torvald is afraid of getting ill again.
(c) Torvald hates things that are ugly.
(d) Rank doesn't want Torvald to know he is dying.

2. What does Torvald believe happened to last year's presents?
(a) The dog chewed them up.
(b) The cat tore them up.
(c) The roof leaked on them.
(d) Emmy knocked them into the fire.

3. How are the children feeling on Christmas Day?
(a) ill with worry over the "stranger man"
(b) upset because their mother isn't with them
(c) so tired that they cannot play with their presents
(d) thrilled and distracted with their Christmas presents

4. What does Torvald say to tell any callers?
(a) that he's busy in the study
(b) that he's only got half an hour
(c) that he's not at home
(d) that he's not doing any business until after Christmas

5. Where does Nora initially tell Mrs. Linde she got the money for the trip?
(a) from her father
(b) from her sister
(c) from doing odd jobs
(d) from a moneylender

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Doctor Rank's feelings towards Nora?

2. What does Nora think Krogstad is threatening her with?

3. How does Krogstad come to Nora's house, so that he's not seen?

4. Why did Nora like talking to the maids when she lived at her father's house?

5. Who else was supposed to sign the document?

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