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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1 Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nora say about the doll bed she's bought for her daughter, Emmy?
(a) Emmy will be thrilled with it.
(b) Emmy will soon break it.
(c) Emmy will now have a pair of doll's beds.
(d) Emmy will never guess what it is.

2. Who else was supposed to sign the document?
(a) Nora's father
(b) Nora's lawyer
(c) Torvald's doctor
(d) Torvald

3. Where does Nora initially tell Mrs. Linde she got the money for the trip?
(a) from her father
(b) from doing odd jobs
(c) from a moneylender
(d) from her sister

4. What led Krogstad into questionable businesses?
(a) He was too ill to hold down a normal job.
(b) He went to jail and then could find no work.
(c) He committed an "indiscretion" and then could find no work.
(d) He was in debt and needed extra money.

5. When Nora first comes home, what does she ask her maid Helen to hide?
(a) her macaroons
(b) a Christmas tree
(c) a gift for Torvald
(d) gifts for the children

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Mrs. Linde marry her husband?

2. How many children does Mrs. Linde have?

3. What is Nora's attitude toward her children?

4. Why isn't Nora worried about Krogstad?

5. How does Torvald try to cheer up Nora?

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