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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2 Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why isn't Nora worried about Krogstad?
(a) She knows that she could have Krogstad arrested.
(b) She knows a secret Krogstad doesn't want her to reveal.
(c) She believes that Krogstad has a good heart.
(d) She expects to be able to pay off the debt easily in the new year.

2. Why does Nora say she refuses to show him anything else?
(a) She says she wants the rest of the costume to be a surprise.
(b) She says Doctor Rank was naughty.
(c) She says Doctor Rank is too sick.
(d) She says Doctor Rank is making fun of her.

3. What reason does Nora give for wanting Krogstad to keep his job?
(a) She says the reason is a secret, but that Torvald must take her seriously.
(b) She says Krogstad writes for papers and could spread rumors and bad publicity.
(c) She says Krogstad is a distant relative of her father's.
(d) She says Krogstad is in dire need of money and she's afraid what might happen to his children.

4. What does Krogstad ask Nora about Mrs. Linde?
(a) whether she has mentioned him to Nora
(b) whether Torvald is giving her a job at the bank
(c) whether she is staying in town long
(d) whether she is a widow

5. What confuses Rank about Nora's behavior?
(a) Nora seems to enjoy being with him more than with Torvald.
(b) Nora is always upset at the slightest, most insignificant thing.
(c) Nora never makes a joke with Torvald around.
(d) Nora is always kind, even when she doesn't mean it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much did the trip cost?

2. What does Nora pretend was Rank's father's sin?

3. Why does Nora say she is sending Mrs. Linde away when Torvald comes back?

4. What does Nora try to do after Krogstad leaves?

5. What does Torvald initially think is the reason Nora wants him to let Krogstad keep his job?

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