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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2 Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Torvald try to cheer up Nora?
(a) by giving her money
(b) by giving her a ring
(c) by dancing with her
(d) by giving her a kiss

2. What does Nora say Doctor Rank can pretend about her dancing?
(a) that she's dancing for him
(b) that she's dancing well
(c) that she's dancing a message from God
(d) that she's dancing a healing ritual

3. How does Krogstad re-enter the house unnoticed by Nora?
(a) Krogstad comes in through the kitchen.
(b) Krogstad picks the lock.
(c) Krogstad comes in through the window.
(d) The door was left ajar.

4. What are Doctor Rank's feelings towards Nora?
(a) Doctor Rank hides his great anger at Nora.
(b) Doctor Rank thinks Nora is stupid.
(c) Doctor Rank thinks Nora is selfish.
(d) Doctor Rank secretly loves Nora.

5. Who does Nora say she wants to come help her with the costumes?
(a) Doctor Rand
(b) Mrs. Linde
(c) the maid
(d) Torvald

Short Answer Questions

1. Did Nora write to Mrs. Linde when her husband died?

2. How does Torvald say he felt when Nora was busy for three weeks?

3. How long does Doctor Rank think he has to live?

4. How much did the trip cost?

5. Who does Torvald compare Nora to?

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