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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3 Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why isn't Nora worried about Krogstad?
(a) She knows that she could have Krogstad arrested.
(b) She knows a secret Krogstad doesn't want her to reveal.
(c) She expects to be able to pay off the debt easily in the new year.
(d) She believes that Krogstad has a good heart.

2. What reason does Mrs. Linde give Krogstad for her coming to town?
(a) to be with him
(b) to flee her home life
(c) to find a better job
(d) to find a better apartment

3. How does Rank say Nora and Torvald will respond to his death?
(a) He says they will dance on his grave.
(b) He says they will be sad for three seasons.
(c) He says they will soon forget him.
(d) He says they will mourn for a long time.

4. What criticism does Torvald make of Nora's Tarantella dance at the party?
(a) He says it was too erratic.
(b) He says it was too perfect.
(c) He says it was too realistic.
(d) He says it was too slow and cautious.

5. Who did Krogstad see walking with Torvald?
(a) Helen
(b) Mrs. Linde
(c) Doctor Rank
(d) a complete stranger

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Doctor Rank respond when Nora asks what he would do if she asked him a huge favor?

2. What did Nora sign to get the loan from Krogstad?

3. What does Mrs. Linde almost forget as she leaves?

4. Why does Krogstad want his job at the bank?

5. What does Rank say he will send Nora, when he knows he is about to die?

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