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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3 Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Doctor Rank offer to do?
(a) apologize to Mrs. Linde
(b) send Nora a present
(c) explain to Torvald what has happened
(d) leave forever

2. Does Nora want to come home from the dance after the Tarantella?
(a) Yes, she runs home without Torvald.
(b) Yes, she and Torvald leave together.
(c) No, but Torvald drags her downstairs.
(d) No, she stays at the dance.

3. What reason does Mrs. Linde give Krogstad for her coming to town?
(a) to find a better apartment
(b) to flee her home life
(c) to find a better job
(d) to be with him

4. What does Nora try to do after Krogstad leaves?
(a) She tries to work on needlework.
(b) She tries to fix a vase.
(c) She tries to read a book.
(d) She tries to clean the house.

5. What is Nora's attitude toward her children?
(a) condescending
(b) annoyed
(c) apathetic
(d) loving

Short Answer Questions

1. What confuses Rank about Nora's behavior?

2. What does Mrs. Linde almost forget as she leaves?

3. How does Doctor Rank respond when Nora asks what he would do if she asked him a huge favor?

4. How does Krogstad know the second signature is faked?

5. Why doesn't Doctor Rank want Torvald in his sickroom?

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