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Lesson 1 (from Act 1 Part 1)


In the beginning of Act 1, Nora hides her macaroons from Torvald and lies about them. The objective of this lesson is explore the reasons for and morality of Nora's deceptive behavior.


1} Have a volunteer bring in macaroons to share with the class at the beginning of this lesson. At the beginning of class, ask students to share their parents' restrictions (past and present) on their diets. Have they ever broken the rules to sneak a treat?

2) Read the section of the play where Nora hides her macaroons from Torvald and later lies to him about having bought them. Discuss with the class whether they think Torvald's rule against sweets is fair, and why Nora hides the macaroons and lies.

3) Break the students up into groups. Have each group discuss when it's moral or immoral to lie. Have the group write down their reasons for their...

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