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Nora's Christmas Cards

Make five Christmas cards from Nora to her children, telling them what she's been doing, over the next five years after she leaves Torvald.

Nora and Torvald Poster

Make a poster that reflects both Nora and Torvald's characters. Divide the poster in half, and include images and words that describe Nora on one side and images and words that describe Torvald on the other side. Draw pictures, or use pictures from magazines or the Internet.

Letter from Torvald

Write a letter from Torvald to Nora after she's left, explaining to her how he has changed and feels he is ready for the true wedlock that he desires.

Costumes for Characters

Come up with five different costume ball costumes for characters of your choice in the play. Draw pictures of the costumes or find pictures to represent them. Label each of the costumes, including which character...

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